Simple Feng Shui For Your Home

Hey there, we all want a living space that brings us joy and can emanate positivity throughout our home. With simple changes, you can make in accordance with feng shui your home will be generating positivity in no time. Here’s how!

1. Adore Your Doors Every Day!
 Doors are portals of opportunities, therefore, you should never create your hidden stockpile behind them or hide your mother’s broken cabinet! Your doors need room to open to an at least 90-degree angle for you to be able to receive more opportunities life has in store. 

Your goal is to create a smooth flow of energy coming in there you also need to ensure that your doors are working properly no squeaking, no broken hinges or faulty locks. 

2. Clear Your Path Every Step Of The Way! 

Yes literally, no more stepping on legos, or last night’s dinner, you need to clear your path clear the obstacles that may potentially cause problems that can affect your mood. The path is any route within your home you take, whether it’s the bedroom to bathroom, or kitchen to the living room, a clear path is a clear mind. 

3. Clean Windows & No Bed Under Windows!

Cleaning your windows on a regular basis will allow more sunlight to enter your dome. This makes your home more vibrant and energetic when you let more light in. Do note that you should never position your bed under your window as this can disrupt your chi giving you bad quality sleep. 

4. Space!Space!Space! 

Clutter is a common enemy that we all happen to have, but however hard it is to part with your belongings, letting go can create open space and invite new opportunities. So don’t be afraid to explore the new and remove the familiar. 

5. Let It Grow, Let it Grow, Let It Grow!

Plants symbolise energy! So a touch of nature in your living space can let in healthy energy. Peace lilies and snake plants are known to cancel ions emanated from electronics, jade plants and orange tree are known to bring wealth and abundance. So it is essential to pick the right plan for your home depending on what energy you want to bring to your home.

6.Don’t leave broken objects broken!

Are you leaving your home broken? Leaky pipes? Broken aircond? Looking at a damaged item daily can give you a sense of being broken and take a toll on your mental health. That is why it is always important to keep your home health in check. A healthy home a healthy mind. 

Simple right? Start generating positive energy in your home by doing these simple Feng Shui methods. If your home is in need of repairs or a bigger transformation you can plan ahead and book our renovation or repair experts now. We will assist you after the lockdown!