Signs you may have these pest infestations!

Often, homeowners don’t notice that they have a pest issue until these nasty creatures have done serious and visible damage to their home. In fact, early intervention is an ideal solution when it comes to effectively sorting out pest infestations. Here are 3 signs that indicate you may have these pest infestations at home: 

You notice pest droppings everywhere

Pest droppings are the common sign of a pest infestation. For example, if you notice there are around ⅛ to ¼ inch brown droppings in your home corners or cupboards, you’re definitely dealing with a rat issue. However, waste from smaller pests such as bed bugs, termites or carpenter ants is often harder to spot. Pest droppings can also cause allergic reactions and their shedding skin can pollute your indoor air quality. Therefore, it is recommended to get your home a thorough examination.

Obvious damage to the home

Pests can cause physical damage to your foundation and if you find gnaw marks and holes, it is certainly a sure sign of a pest infestation. Rats and termites love to chew, therefore, gnaw marks on electrical wiring is a huge red flag as it may increase the possibility of short circuits! Also, it is important to be more conscious of damaged wood around the home, it is a major indicator of a termite infestation. 

We recommend booking our General Pest Control service to examine and eliminate these harmful pests from your home in order to lower the risk of property damage.

Evidence of nesting

Cockroaches prefer dark and moist places to hide and thrive. They will often nest beneath the fridge, near pipes and other damp areas at home. Roaches carry a range of illness-bacteria which can put your health at risk! On the other hand, termites don’t need a huge amount of moisture to survive, but they enjoy making their nest inside your wooden furniture and can cause considerable damage to the foundation of your home. Hence, hiring an expert to examine thoroughly for signs of nesting is highly recommended! 

If you already notice the signs of an infestation, it’s the time to hire pest control experts before the damage is worse. You can opt for our General Pest Control service and our expert will provide you with a pest-free home! Book now and you’ll be entitled a reservice if the service is below satisfactory.