Signs You Have Termites In Your Home

Have you seen the massive termite mountains on National Geographic in the dry saharan wilderness where millions of termites call home? Now, these little critters are not exclusive to the wild for Timon and Pumba to feast on- they’re present everywhere and sometimes find their ways into our homes! Read on to find out the telltale signs you might have termites living under the same roof as you.

Hollow wood

source: termite-control

Your solid oak wooden beams that holds your patio roof up sounds hollow when you knock on it. Or when you knock on your parents room door, your hand goes through instead. Termites tend to chew through the wood from the inside out, so you won’t be able to see the damage until it’s a little too late

Head Banging

source: Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne

No, not head banging like at a rock concert. Worker termites tend to hit their heads against the tunnels when under duress, and this causes a rattling sound that you’ll be able to hear close to where the termites are boring. Occasionally these termites to make clicking and rustling sounds when boring through the wood, so keep your ears peeled.


source: BobGunn

Also, not the mud you trek in from your yard. Termite muds are present in pencil like tubes stemming up on your walls near their nests. These tubes are often made of soil and wood and are to protect the termites from the weather and predators. If you see termite mud, break off a little of the tube and if it’s repaired in a couple of days, it’s an active tube and you have termites in your home. Yikes!

All in all, these are the most common signs that you probably have some unwanted guests in your home- termites.

If you ever spot any of these around your home, chances are that you have a termite infestation. Worry not, has expert exterminators on hand to help you rid your house of these pesky bugs! Even if there are no termites, it doesn’t hurt to get your house inspected for them or to get your house treated to prevent infestations down the road!

written by Sereena Low