Quick Packing & Time Saving Tricks For Moving Houses!


Packing is a very daunting process when moving houses mainly because you have to dismantle, remove and fit everything into boxes only to end up repeating the process in reverse when you reach your new home! Professional movers in the Philippines offer packing services and part of their house moving package but using these simple tricks can save you the extra packing cost and not to mention you’ll be able to save time packing and unpacking during your house move

1. Reduce Bubble Wrap & Breakability

Glass dishes are some of the most vulnerable items you will need to move. Pack plates in an upright position – this way, you get to save more space and prevent them from breaking. Instead of spending on bubble wraps, make use of your clothes to wrap dishes and place glasses in socks.

Source: movingabout.com

2. Take Pictures Of Your Electrical Wiring

Reduce hours of frustration trying to figure out which wires go where – in 10 seconds, you can snap a picture of how your wires are plugged into the back of your flatscreen TV and other electronics. If you have trouble remembering which wires are what to begin with, you can label the cables to make things easier. Use a rubberband or sticky tape to hold cables together before packing so that they don’t get tangled p during the move.

Source: jasonacox.com

3. Trash Bag Your Closet

No, quite literally, push all your clothes together with their hangers kept on and put a trash bag around the entire bunch. This is one of the most handiest moving tip out there – you’ll be able to save time from folding your clothes individually and you can move into your new closet seamlessly in no time

Source: budgetdumpster.com

4. Label, Label & More Labels

Do whatever makes more sense for you and your movers – choose to make lists, use stickers, use colours codes and number the boxes, etc. For example, you can assign a green label for boxes that belong to the master bedroom and write down what are the items inside or where they should be placed (like in the bathroom for instance)

Source: blog.hireahelper.com

5. Pack Items In What You Have

Before you purchase any packing boxes, try to fill your empty cabinets, dressers and drawers with your belongings. They are definitely much more sturdier than cardboard boxes and you can reduce your cost of buying extra packing boxes

Source: pinstake.com

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