Preventive Pest Control Advice for Your Home

As weather conditions begins to change around the world especially during spring, pests like stinging insects, termites, and ants will also emerge from their overwintering sites looking for food and water from our homes.

Homeowners are advised at this time to be careful. During this time, you will need to engage in preventive measures so as to ensure a safe and healthy home for you and your beloved family. Here are top 7 pest control tips you should keep in mind:


1. Dispose of garbage regularly from the home

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Every home at different times generates both organic wastes (such as leftover foods, fruits, egg shells, garden and lawn clippings, vegetable peels etc), inorganic wastes (such as chemicals, paints, old medicines, fertilizer, spray cans, bulbs, shoe polish, batteries, pesticide containers etc), and recyclable waste (such as plastics, metals, glass, paper etc), and it takes wisdom to manage these wastes. Recyclable wastes are also referred to as inorganic waste.
If your home generates wastes, try as much as possible to dispose them, else it may result to serious repercussions on the health of your family plus other social problems like becoming extremely harmful to the environment and leading to unpredictable explosions.


2. Store food in airtight containers

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Food storage can take different shapes and forms, depending on the volume of food you are keeping fresh. Will it be frozen, refrigerated or kept out? Your foods, drinks and ingredients should be refrigerated. Use plastic and glass food storage containers to keep your leftover foods. Also, use canisters and jars to store ingredients and countertop foods like spices. Whatever preferred food storage container you use, make sure you abide by these rules: avoid ceramic containers, rectangular or square containers occupies more space than using round ones, do not use a large food storage container and make sure you vent containers before microwaving.

3. Keep kitchens clean by wiping down countertops

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Use warm water and dishwashing liquid to keep your bucket, sink and countertop, and scrape off any food residue with a metal pastry scraper or spatula. Ensure they are sparkling and then rinse your clothes afterwards, so that you will be clean and not spreading grease and gunk around. Wiping the counters after cleaning will keep them completely dry.

4. Fix leaky plumbing & don’t let water accumulate anywhere in the home

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Make sure you inadvertently prevent water from leaking from the pipes. If your plumbing is faulty, simply repair those leaks, and you can stop water from getting inside it. Those leaks from water pipes can infiltrate your home for weeks or months, and when this happens, mildew and mold can accumulate.

5. Reduce possible moisture sources

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High home humidity can pose a big threat to the surfaces and structures of your home. Reducing possible moisture sources will guarantee some huge benefits such as improve personal comfort, reduce pest infestations, prevent odors and mildew in belongings and clothing, improve indoor air quality by minimizing mold, mites, and other allergens, and enhance the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

6. Eliminate and reduce clutter

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Here are ways you can eliminate, evaluate and reduce clutter; don’t keep the items tucked in a closet, get rid of any item that is no longer useful in your home, donate regularly, sell items you don’t need, don’t go shopping for things you don’t have immediate needs, use what you have, keep a gift list. In fact, the list is endless.
Ask your friends, colleagues and loved ones to take a look at your home, and give you honest feedback of anything that is not suitable for your home. Take their advice, and remove anything that doesn’t add value- you can either give them away or sell it and make money in the process.

7. Learn about the pests you have and options to control them

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There are many ways you can control pests from your homes; there are many pest control articles, reviews, and books that address specific pests or problems. So, ensure you identify your pest correctly before deciding on the control or treatment method. You can either decide to handle the problems by yourself or you seek an advice from an expert. It is up to you to use any medium that pleases you.


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Written by Sewa of GSR Cleaning

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