Other Things You Can Hang On Walls

Do you feel like your walls are looking dull and boring right now? If you’re not the sentimental type, you probably don’t have a lot of photographs to put on your wall. And if you’re not the artsy kind, you’d probably be confused about the dozens of different painting styles and you might be scared you’d screw up curating artworks. So here, we’ll present you with alternatives to a traditional gallery wall.

If you’re into nature…


An indoor garden is really very pretty to look at assuming it’s done right, and if you choose the right plants that can grow indoors. It also depends on the sunlight that gets in… So if your wall gets little sunlight, don’t get plants that require more of them. This can work if you plan it well and if you do enough research. You want an indoor garden, not a plant cemetery on your wall.

If you’re into music…


One way to show your love for music is by displaying your beautiful collection of vinyl records on your wall. If you have too many, pick the ones that look pretty aesthetically, or choose to display your all-time favorites. New albums also get releases for vinyl, so maybe you’re going to display your Nirvana vinyl next to Lady Gaga’s Joanne. Up to you! Have fun with it.

Musical Instruments

Displaying musical instruments on walls serve multiple purposes. One, storage! You can hang them up on walls if they take too much floor space. Second, they look gorgeous on the walls. Treat them as art. Lastly, you can humble-brag about the instruments you and your family can play.

If you’re into pretty and simple things…


Mirrors reflect light and they make the room feel bigger and brighter. Play with it, put a nice frame around them or hang them up frameless if your house is more on the minimalist side. Also, if you look at them, you see your reflection, which is pretty much the best artwork there is.


This one works better in the kitchen, but it can work wherever you want it to. Decorative plates are gorgeous and you probably don’t use them to eat on because they might break. So just hang them up! Also, expensive China that you’re never going to let the kids use can be more appreciated on the walls than gathering dust in the cabinet.


Gorgeous hardbound books or priceless comic books can be hung on walls to display your geeky side! Book covers are artworks already, so curate your prettiest and favorite books to display on your wall. It says a lot about you so your room is very “you.”

If you’re more of a hipster…


This idea is more for younger people, it screams dorm room decor, but if done right, and with the right fabric pattern, and it can look mature.


Macrame is pretty boho. It’s a 70’s decor trend. It’s a form of textile made by knotting instead of weaving or knitting. You can DIY it if you have time and can do it, or you can buy from Etsy or local artists.


If you have a large collection of hats, you might want to display them and store them on your walls. Know anyone with a large hat collection? Suggest this to them!