Organisation tips for a small kitchen

The kitchen is the most frequented spot at home. While the functionality of a kitchen remains important, the aesthetics of a kitchen is a secondary factor for a pleasant cooking experience and to determine how much time one would want to spend in the kitchen. Always feeling overwhelmed with a cluttered kitchen? Here are some small kitchen organisation tips to freshen up your kitchen.

Contain and label everything

Still storing your dry goods in the packaging they came in with? Ditch the packaging and store the contents in uniform jars or containers with labels. Storing dry goods such as your baking essentials can not only make your kitchen look organised, it can also allow you to keep track of the volume and condition of the ingredients. 

Utilise baskets/ boxes

Organise cooking essentials, snacks, or canned goods using baskets or storage boxes on your shelves. Neatly set up categories such as spices or sauces and segregate your items in their respective categories. Utilising baskets or boxes helps to not only group up different categories of essentials, but you can also access your desired items easily. For instance, when you are planning to bake, you can simply pull out the baking ingredients basket instead of taking out the containers or jars individually. 

Hang it up

Make use of vertical surfaces to avoid cluttering your counter space. Use hooks to hang up your mugs or frequently reached cooking tools such as your spatula or kitchen scissors. Magnetic hooks or racks are also a good alternative. Instead of the old school kitchen towel stand, grab a magnetic kitchen towel rack and attach it on your cabinet or refrigerator door. 

One shelf, extra shelf space

Take advantage of your vertical shelf or cabinet space and multiply them with shelf risers. You can also use shelf risers for kitchen appliances to save your countertop space. 

Even with a small kitchen, there are various tips and tricks for a good organisation to optimise the space provided. Are you perhaps considering a kitchen makeover and unsure who to reach out to? We provide home services to help you get creative! Get connected with contractors or interior designers to achieve your dream space.