Moving in the Summer? Here’s How You Can Beat the Heat

Moving to a new home can be tough in general, but it’s even tougher in the heat. It might be a better time to move instead of getting items soaked during the rainy season but it can still be pretty hard to handle. It’s simply too hot, and even thinking about packing, lifting and then unpacking boxes is simply too exhausting.

Even so though, there are a few ways you can beat the heat while moving this summer.

Drink water – and lots of it


Anything that requires physical effort – exercise, sports, what have you – always demands for hydration, and it’s because your body loses water to perspiration. Coupled with intense heat, your body burns up twice as fast – and, unluckily, gets tired just as fast. Moving in the heat of summer can pose real risks if you don’t keep hydrated – you can end up fainting while carrying huge boxes. Remember to keep drinking water, and avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks too as these will dehydrate you.

Watch what you wear


Dark clothing absorbs more heat and tight clothing traps heat from escaping the body, so the best clothes to wear when working under the scorching sun are light and loose clothes. Moving in the summertime means a whole lot of sweat and dirt, so prepare yourself for the probability of getting your shirt filled with these two things. Wearing the proper attire for moving not only helps you beat the heat, it prevents you from getting dehydrated too quickly too.

Don’t overexert yourself

While moving can take a lot of physical effort, overexerting yourself in the heat may cause problems. Remember to pace yourself and get ample rest times in between moving periods. Overexertion in the heat can lead to dizziness, muscle cramps, and fainting.

Cool down

Source: momversation

While resting, you can cool down without an air-conditioner or electric fan by running a cold, wet rag over your skin. This helps keep your body temperature at bay. You can also run it over strategic areas on your body, like your forehead, neck and back.

Wear sunblock

Aside from risk of over-exhaustion and dehydration, moving in the summertime means hanging out a lot in the sun. Especially in sunny Philippines, this could mean sunburns for you and your moving crew (your family or friends who are helping you out). Make sure to not leave the house without any sunblock on to help protect your skin.

Because of the intense heat, it may take more time for you to move all of your things. And while you can definitely do it yourself, it’s a bit difficult to combat the heat on your own. If you’d like a helping hand, Gawin’s professional moving services are here to help you move into your new home safely and efficiently.