Moody Interiors: Welcome to the Dark Side

dark interior
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Deliciously dark rooms possess a beguiling quality, one of bespoke elegance and avant-garde charm.

While many homeowners prefer brighter shades like eggshell white, cream and poppy yellow, there is a stirring in the interior world for moody aesthetics, which often involves dark hues such as midnight black, navy blue and deep purple. Don’t be afraid to incorporate dark colors at home or at your workplace. But before you go shopping for dark paint, keep these tips in mind:

1. Pick the room that receives the most sunlight

dark room bright light
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You might think it’s an irony to turn a bright room into a dark one, but this only works when you have a room that receives plenty of sunlight – so having windows are very important. A room with minimal windows will give off a dampish quality.

2. Paint the walls a dark shade

dark blue walls
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The color of your wall strongly influences the mood and temperature of the room. In this case, we’re going for something cool, like navy blue. Go for shades like forest green, indigo or black if you’re feeling bold. Dark gray is a good choice too.

3. Get dark-colored curtains

dark blue curtains
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If transforming your walls is too much work, an easier option would be to change up your curtains. Pick a color that matches the wall.

4. Use statement pieces to add some color

bright chandelier statement piece
Photo credit: My Inner Landscape

Moody rooms should not be confused with gloom. To avoid it looking boring, add one or two statement pieces with bright colors to lend the room some character. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a large piece of furniture, painting, or sculpture; a classy chandelier can be a statement piece too.

5. Install more lights

lamp in dark room
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Sunlight is great for the daytime, but when night falls, you’re going to need lots of light to brighten up the space so it won’t look like a horror movie set. Consider having ceiling and wall lighting, as well as desk lamps or floor lamps to give your room a healthy glow.

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written by Esther Chung