Modern Housekeeping Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

There is an anecdote from an elderly lady who was asked by a TV crew what she thought was the greatest invention of the 20th century and she responded that it was the mop. This surprised the TV crew, who prodded her for more.

The reason for her answer, she said, was that before mops were invented, women had to get down on their hands and knees to clean floors, which led to premature pain in their joints.

The mop is just a simple household invention, but it certainly altered how people did housework. Without further ado, here are some modern gadgets that will change your housekeeping routine:

1. The Foldable Cutting Board

Transferring your chopped food from the cooking board to the pot can be tedious, because it often results in things falling off the board and onto the countertop or all over the floor. Now, this foldable chopping board only requires one hand to transfer everything into the pot or pan, and can save on your washing too, as you won’t need an extra bowl, plate or container to transfer food anymore.


2. The Ecovacs Winbot

Photo credit: Ecovacs Robotics
Photo credit: Ecovacs Robotics

Window-cleaning requires huge amounts of effort. It can be rather dangerous too, especially when you have to climb or reach difficult places. Thanks to the Ecovacs Winbot, this automated window cleaner solves this chore for you!

3. The Dish Rack That Drains Into the Sink

Photo credit : Sink Faucets
Photo credit: Sink Faucets

If you have the typical dish rack, you’ll understand the pain of having water puddling beneath your dishes, which can become icky. This awesome new dish rack comes with a spout that channels all the water into the sink, leaving the rack and your dishes dry and clean.

4. The Zyliss Easican Opener

Save yourself the risk of injuring yourself with a can opener. This nifty little thing will cleanly and safely open cans for you!

5. The Broom Groomer

It’s a real chore trying to remove dust clumps from your broom and into the dust pan. This is why the broom groomer was invented. In case you’re wondering what it is, the broom groomer is a dust pan with grooves that allows you to easily clean your broom after every sweep.

6. GetTen One-Step Corn Kerneler

Photo credit : Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

Simply run the corn cobs through this device, and you’ll get all the corn you want in a special catchment container space on the device itself, giving you clean and tasty corn that you can use in salads, stir-fries and other dishes!

7. The ChefN Garlic Zoom Chopper

Garlic is one of the most common condiments for seasoning, but chopping a whole lot of garlic by hand is a real chore. Here’s a cool gadget that works just like a toy car, and you can use it to mince a small amount of just about anything.

8. The  Zera™ Food Recycler

Instead of tossing out leftover bits of food, why not turn it into compost, which can be used to fertilize plants? The Zera Food Recycler does that in a quick and hygienic manner, you can have some free fertilizers for your plants.


Science and technology are crucial to the improvement of our domestic lives, and it’s always nice to be on the lookout for new innovations that can help you in your daily chores. Alternatively, you can also request for cleaning services on to help you with the rest of your home. Our cleaners are some of the best in Metro Manila!

written by Michelle Chee