Modern Bathroom Designs for an Elegant Home

Bathrooms deserve a nice ambience, especially since you spend a good amount of time in there everyday. The overall theme that you decide on will affect the ambience, so if you’re into modern and monochromatic designs, you’re in luck. Here are some simple ways to get your bathroom looking effortlessly sophisticated:

Install A Raised Or Pedestal Sink

raised-sink-bathroomPhoto credit:

This stylish sink makes a huge style statement and it also doubles as a space saver. A subtle marble sink with brass accents exudes class and elegance.

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Combine Different Materials

mixed-materials in modern bathroomPhoto credit:

Don’t settle for a singular material. Be bold in mixing up the elements of wood, stone, ceramic and marble. The designer in the photo above cleverly matched white subway tiles with a wooden divider and sleek black geometric flooring.

Freestanding Bathtubs Are Cool

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Who doesn’t love soaking in the bath after a long day? This freestanding bathtub will be an excellent addition to your bathroom because it carries elements of comfort and style. Its simple elegance will transform your bathroom into a modern haven.

Geometric Bathroom Ideas Are Pretty 

geometric-walls in bathroomPhoto credit:

Opting for a modern bathroom opens up so many avenues for you in the design department. This lovely loft did an amazing job in infusing these geometrical black and white tiles.

Focus On The Bathroom Floor

modern bathroom
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It’s easy to overlook the floor, but if you want a cool, modern bathroom, you might want to change up the tiles. Wood lends a Zen aura, and marble increases the appeal of the room.

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written by Tashya Viknesh