Make Your Tiny Bedroom Bigger & Better Instantly!

In this current lockdown period, the comfort of your room is really important, as you spend more time in your room than probably ever before! However, sometimes your room may not be the most spacious! But, don’t worry, here are 5 tips for making sure your minimalist bedroom cosier! 

Bright Colours!

To create the illusion of a wider space, use brightly coloured wallpapers such as white, yellow, or light blue. Avoid using wallpapers that have too complex patterns as it may give more of a cluttered feel. Be sure to pick a wallpaper that resonates with you to make sure your space feels personalised. 

Mirror, Mirror!

Besides helping you doll up daily, mirrors can give the impression of a larger space and make the room look brighter, as the reflections can spread the light across all corners of the room. 

Multifunctional Furniture! 

This is necessary and very effective for a small-sized room. You can use furniture for many functions, for example, a hollow chair shaped box where under the cushion you can store toys, or having a bed with drawers attached beneath to store sheets,

Clean & Cool!

Besides a good layout, you also need to make sure your room’s aircon is working optimally so you can be more comfortable spending your time at home and breathe in better air quality. If you find that your room air conditioner is not working as efficient or leaking, you may need to book our aircon repair service, and we will be happy to serve you during this lockdown.


The most popular benefit of aromatherapy is to relieve stress and elevates moods. Aromatic compounds from various different essential oils known as relaxants help to calm the mind and eliminate anxiety. Use can place them in your room especially, during this time, so you can be more calm and positive while at home.

Besides ensuring that your room is better and bigger, you must also ensure that your home is far from damaged. If you face home woes, just book our home essential services, and we will be ready to help you during this lockdown!