Items that are dirtier than your toilet

When you think of the grossest item in your everyday life, the toilet seems to be at the top of the list. However, the horrifying reality is that our daily items can harbour even more germs than your toilet! Here are 7 items that are dirtier than your toilet bowl!


According to Daily Mail,  researchers have found that phones are more than six times dirtier than toilet seats! In addition to this, leather phone cases can carry 17 times more germs than regular cases. To clean your phone and cases rub alcohol to reduce the number of germs on your phone. 

2.Computer Keyboard

Your computer keyboard can contain up to five times more germs than a toilet seat as it is used more frequently. If you are constantly eating and dropping crumbs on your keyboard then be sure that you have even more germs, another bad habit you may have is not washing your hands which can lead to even more germs while you’re typing away. We recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds especially during this time.


There are around 200,000 harmful bacteria living in each square inch of carpet. Therefore, your carpet can easily lead to allergic reactions and damage your immune system. Fret not! You can hire our Gawin professionals to thorough clean your carpet, we recommend at least twice a year.


Researchers found that your underwear can transfer around 100 million E.Coli bacteria to your washing machine when mixed with other clothes. Be sure to disinfect your washing machine with bleach at least once a month and wash your underwear separately to avoid spreading harmful bacteria. If you need professional laundry services, our Gawin experts are pleased to serve you. 

5.Coffee maker

Coffee makers are convenient household appliances that can provide us with energy in the morning. If you’re a coffee-lover, make sure you clean your coffee maker on a daily basis. This is because a coffee maker that is improperly cleaned regularly will develop mold and harmful bacteria and make you sick. You can use vinegar and water solutions to wash your coffee maker in order to kill germs. 

6.Refrigerator door

According to the NSF,  researchers found that refrigerator meat and vegetable compartments were the two hot spots in the kitchen with the most illness-causing microorganisms. Use warm soapy water to scrub and clean your refrigerator to avoid leaving your food behind the dangerous germs. Besides your refrigerator, always sanitizing your kitchen is important as well. Book our Gawin experts to assist you with our high-quality thorough cleaning service.

7.Faucet handles

Your bathroom faucet handle can harbour 21 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. From a study, the experts found that drug-resistant bacteria like E. coli can spread from the pipes to your sink and hands. Book our professional cleaning team to disinfect your home to keep your space healthy and clean. 

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