Is Your House Haunted?

Have you been feeling creeped out in your own home? Whether you’re a believer of the supernatural or not, we at Gawin are skeptics and we are always ready with a solution for you. It’s Halloween season and of course, the mind gets creative when you’re alone or when it’s dark. Imaginations run wild, scary shows are all over the internet and television but are you feeling creeped out in your own house? Here are some of the signs you should look for and possible solutions if it is in fact, just paranoia:

Things are not where you left them

Do you ever put down a box in the living room and end up finding it in your bedroom? Or put some books on the shelves and end up finding it on the table, opened, as if someone has browsed through it and didn’t put it back. Well, a simple explanation is that your house isn’t haunted by a ghost, but is haunted by a roommate who can’t put things back where they’re supposed to be, creating a mess. You can rely on Gawin to help you with house cleaning, and decluttering here.

Flickering lights and appliances turning on and off

Light bulbs are flickering and the television turns on and off randomly without you controlling it? It does sound scary, especially if you’re dealing with faulty electric wiring. Get in touch with an electrician and have your problems checked up. If there’s no problem with your wiring, there might actually be a poltergeist in your house.

Red or black water from the sink

Ever get spooked when you’re trying to wash your hands and suddenly very bloody or very dark water comes out of the sink? Does the water stink and smell of death and decay? There’s probably wrong with the plumbing in your house. Immediately get a plumber and don’t wait a day or two longer! Gawin has professional plumbers at your service here.

Cobwebs and an abundance of spiders

Spiders are notorious for scaring the crap out of people who thought they were safe in their own rooms. An abundance of spiders in your house might be a sign that something sinister is living within your walls. Or… you need to tidy up your house and call for pest control. Gawin can help with both. If you need help with cleaning, go here. If it’s pest control, we have it here.

Hearing unexplained noises in walls

Have you been hearing strange noises coming from your walls? Like someone’s knocking or banging their heads on the other side of the wall? It’s one of the signs of termite infestation. Worker termites are loud eaters. And termites bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies to alert other termites of danger, so that’s what the sound is. If it is termites, go here to have your house checked out by professional termite controllers in Manila. However, if your walls are screaming your name late at night then you probably need a priest.

Happy Halloween from Gawin!