International Interior Design Trends You’ll Want in Your Home

Interior design trends are very much influenced by the culture, climate, materials that are easily available, as well as sufficient space. These design styles often become a defining identity of a country or region and quickly catch on elsewhere.

These beautiful styles from around the globe bring their own distinctive flavor that you may fall in love with:

1. Scandinavian Hygge

scandinavian design
Photo credit: Gravity Home

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish concept that conjures up the cozy feeling of home, complete with hot cocoa and a roaring fire in the fireplace to keep things warm and cheery.

As such, Hygge interiors have clean beige and off-white tones often coupled with the organic dark brown of wooden furniture.

Photo credit: Amara
Photo credit: Amara

2. Japanese Minimalism

japanese minimalism interior design
Photo credit: Rebloggy

Japanese minimalism has been adopted across the world over due to its calming effects and neat lines that give the impression of order. Colors lean toward earthy tones and spaces have multiple usages. The Japanese are among the leaders of space versatility, where a single room can be used as a dining room, bedroom and living space all at once, with as minimal furniture as possible.

Photo credit: Home Designing

3. Germany’s New Elegance

Photo credit: NF Interior

German interior designs reflect the national preference for functionality over superfluous and pompous design. New elegance features furniture made of lightweight materials that are sturdy, yet give an air of elegance. It also marries furniture that was popular in the past, including daybeds, cocktail chairs, and screens with more contemporary pieces.

Photo credit: Pinterest

4. Mexico’s Vintage Heritage

Photo credit: Cqzzad

In Mexico, it’s a trend for new homeowners to decorate their homes with pieces of history, even renovating parts of the home with a heritage style of walls and ceiling designs. This desire to preserve what they have inherited from their forefathers comes from a desire to preserve a rich personal identity. To mimic this style, ask yourself what truly reflects your heritage and fill your home with those objects.

Photo credit: Smooth Decorator

5. English Victorian Common Sense

Photo credit : Top Home Designs

In the UK, designs borrow heavily from an era where faux leather furniture is a must, and is often paired with a Persian rug, a large fireplace and lots of books on the shelves. Think ‘Downton Abbey’ and you can just picture how it fits in with English sensibilities.

english victorian design living room
Photo credit: Impressive Interior Design
Photo credit: RIS Media

6. Indian Merriment

Photo credit: Livspace

The trend in Indian contemporary design is one of happiness and cheerfulness, with plenty of bright and warm colours that give rise to plenty of fun combinations. Often you’ll find that rooms are filled with lots of cushions, pillows and other such comforts to take the edge off the whole environment, making one feel safe.

Photo credit: Nestopia
Photo credit: Pinterest

Every culture is unique in what it wants to bring to the fore when it comes to interiors. If any of these styles has inspired you, why not contact a renovation team right here on to help you out? Remember –you can bring your home to life with just a few simple touches. Good luck!

written by Michelle Chee