Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Written by Sophie McKinley

The first idea that probably strikes us when we hear about luxury homes is a lot of expenditure on high-end furniture, expensive kitchen and bathroom fittings, and so on.

But what if we tell you that luxury is not always about opulence but about certain choices that you make? Let us have a look at some of the interior design ideas that will make your living space look luxurious.

1. Get rid of all kinds of clutter

We tend to have a lot of clutter in our homes which we do not use or need but are somehow reluctant to get rid of. You should always keep in mind that beauty lies in minimalism when it comes to luxury homes.

Removing all those extra things would be the first step towards giving your home the luxurious look that you always wanted. Take a minimalistic approach and get rid of all the extra furniture which does not serve any purpose. Replace them with some elegant statement pieces and you will see the difference for yourself.

2. Add elegant lighting features

Investing in some stylish lighting features is a smart step towards giving it a luxurious look. What you should take special care of is not to go for harsh fluorescent lights and only choose those lighting features that produce soft colours.

The smart investments include adding big overhead pieces like a crystal chandelier for the living and dining areas that gives the home a gorgeous look. Consider spending on some decorative table lamps which will make your home look chic. You can also include some innovative lighting features in your bathroom and kitchen. Adding a metallic pendant lighting over your kitchen island will transform its look beyond your imagination.

Also, spotting some unexpected areas of your home in order to add some innovative lighting features will change the game altogether. Click here if you’re interested in our lighting installation services.

3. The inclusion of flowers and greenery

Greenery and flowers add color and life to a space. You must have noticed that high-end properties always feature decorative flower vases with fresh flowers in them, which gives them a lavish and expensive look.

Investing in fresh flowers everyday might get a bit expensive, therefore you can grow some plants like Orchids which won’t require daily tending and will also give your home that opulent look and feel. You can also invest in succulents, which need to be watered only once a month.

4. Invest in some sculptures

The square edges and flat surfaces of your living space can get quite monotonous at times. Adding some curves to it will not only break the monotony but also add a luxury quotient to it.

You can consider investing on some elegant sculptures that can act as signature pieces for your home. You can choose between fancy statues, buildings or clay pots, or use a combination of them depending on your liking.

5. Inclusion of vintage goods

The inclusion of wisdom of age to your living space will add depth into it and will also make it look classy and luxurious.

You can keep your eye on some vintage pieces like an antique bookshelf, a vintage mirror or might also add some elegant pieces in the bookshelves, on coffee tables, mantles and console tables. When it comes to vintage, always remember, ‘the older, the better’.

6. Hanging large-scale art

Hanging a large-scale art in your living or bedroom gives your home the luxurious look as it generally implies that you have spent a good amount of money on them.

You can buy some large abstract paintings and place them behind the sofa in the living room or behind your bed in your bedroom. You can also go for large geometric or floral patterns and you will be amazed to see at the amount of attention they grab.