Here’s How to Design the Best Dessert Bar Ever

wedding dessert bar ideas

Dessert is the most important part of the meal, save room for the chocolate eclairs, macaroons, and ice cream. Quiche has nothing on a chocolate truffle. Steak? How about a wedge of chocolate cake instead. A dessert bar lets your guests mix and match their choice of sweet treat to satisfy their sweet tooth. For your next party, how about you showcase your love for all things sweet and set up a dessert bar instead. Here is how you can set up a dessert bar that puts all the hors-d’oeuvres to shame:

Make Your Dessert Bar A Focal Point

Whether it’s a frosted cupcake or croquembouche, desserts are pretty. Don’t let your dessert bar take the back seat to the buffet line. Make it the main focus of your spread, with accents of flowers and matching decoration to boot. Draw your guests attention to all the sweet treats you have laid out for them! This lovely dessert bar here is keeping to a palette of dusty pastels.

source: Inspired By This

Keep The Desserts Within Reach

Don’t ruin a beautiful set up with a Jenga tower of precariously balanced cupcakes. Keep the yummy morsels on a flat plane to make sure that your guests don’t accidentally knock food over. By having the various desserts set up on separate tiers also helps guests have an overview of all the different treats you have laid out for them!

source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Have A Variety

Give your guests options to choose from, an entire table of chocolate frosted cupcakes will look bland and frankly, not everyone will be a fan of chocolate. Keep in mind that everyone will have different preferences when planning your menu. If you’re looking to have a table full of cupcakes or macaroons, include 3-4 different flavors. Give your dessert bar variety and that will keep it from looking bland. This dessert bar here has an entire selection of donuts for the guests to choose from.

source: Elegant Wedding Invites

Make It Customizable

Psst, you don’t exactly have to get a wide variety of freshly baked goods. You can get a batch of plain frosted cupcakes and provide your guests a dizzying array of sprinkles, nuts, crushed cookies… All the works! Don’t be afraid to get your guests to build their own dessert. Check out this sundae bar here with whipped cream, sundae cones, waffles cups, and different sauces. Your guests will certainly be spoilt for choice!

source: Simply Jo

Have Fun!

There are so many kinds of desserts available, and there is no magic formula to come up with the perfect dessert bar. You can have a chocolate fountain or 10 different pies, or even better – both! Put together a spread of your favorite treats and your guests will not be disappointed.

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Now, your oven may not be big enough to bake 100 cupcakes, or you may not have the time to prepare the fillings for 10 different pies. Or you’re just not sure where you can get glazed donuts in bulk from. Don’t worry, has professional bakers on hand to help you with this! Submit a request and receive up to 5 quotes from talented pastry chefs.

written by Sereena Low