How to Use Feng Shui In Decluttering Your Home

One of the biggest problems most homeowners face is clutter.  There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a messy home. And did you know that a messy home attracts bad energy? Even a fortune teller in the Philippines would suggest to have a clean and organized home all the times. This is to make sure that the “chi” or good energy would enter your home.

It is understandable that decluttering your home would take a lot of your effort and time – not to mention the grossness of a particular thing. But just because you need to exert effort and take a bit of your time, that does not mean it is impossible for you to achieve a desirable outcome. Additionally, incorporating feng shui would bring your home to another level. Here are tips to keep in mind when decluttering your home.

Open All Windows And Aerate The Space Well

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In feng shui, windows are known to symbolize your eyes to the world. It allows you to see and experience the things the world has to offer. Opening your windows would bring a good and vibrant quality of energy, which helps you deal with the stagnant or bad vibes of your clutter.

Wear Comfortable Clothes When Decluttering

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Let’s take it this way – cleaning and organizing your home is like a battle. You need to remove the mess to fight against the bad elements. And wearing your nice clothes may not be appropriate for that matter. Thus, when you’re decluttering at home, it’s recommended to get dressed in clothing that is practical, made of natural fibers and in colors that make you feel good.

Put In Feng Shui Fire Element Colors

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Decluttering your home is undeniably a challenge. You have to think of so many things to achieve the improvement that you want for your home. That means you need more energy to ensure you can fight against the negative energy. In feng shui, fire element colors bring a supporting energy to all your efforts and will help achieve the recognition that you deserve.

Play Music That You Love

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Good music increases your focus and boosts your mood. Listening to music while you clean and organize your home would make it easier and faster for you to makes things done. Moreover, this will also give you a sense of accomplishment to the tasks you need to finish.

Finish What You’ve Started

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Finish the process before you get tired of it. And do not forget to treat yourself to something very nice. Perhaps, you can cook a delicious lunch or dinner. Of course, you deserve a good break after fighting the negative energy away from your home. Also, be gentle with yourself as you wrap things up at home.

Creating a feng shui friendly home is not that hard as you think it is. Regardless of what you want to do at home, make sure that it would also give you the positive vibes and energy that you need. 

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Guest author: Louis Cortez is a Filipino blogger. He blogs for Master Hanz Cua, the youngest Feng Shui Master Philippines. You can also follow him on Twitter and Google+.