How To Use 2018’s Pantone Ultra Violet In Your Home

With 2018 rolling in fast, Pantone announced it’s Color of the Year to be 18-3838 Ultra Violet. This bold purple is said to convey feelings of mindfulness, ingenuity, and innovation. Let’s leave the muted tones of 2017 behind, and decorate our spaces with a little more pizzazz!

Ultra Violet may seem like a daunting and unconventional color to decorate your home with. But here are some examples where you can step out of your comfort zone and incorporate this bold hue into your living space.


Photo credit: Family Handy Man

Decorating doesn’t mean painting an entire room purple, start small by throwing in small pops of Ultra Violet around your room- a good place to start are cushion covers. It’s a small way to add color without having to commit to a giant feature.


Photo credit: Brabbu

Looking for a little bolder option? Curtains are a good way to add drama and a little pizzazz into the space without being too overwhelming. Plus, if you do decide to get violet cushion covers, it’ll tie the room together.

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Photo credit: Red Candy

Lighting can pull an entire room together, and is important to create mood and ambiance. But lamps or an eye-catching chandelier can be a main key focal point of any room. And having a bold lighting option will be a great way to add a little detail and color into your home.


Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

With the clean features and aesthetics of the current upcoming trend with Scandinavian interior design, break away from the conventional white or beige couch and brighten up your room with an Ultra Violet couch.

Feature Wall

Photo credit: Zillow

Feeling bold? Feeling inspired by the sentiment behind Ultra Violet? How about a feature wall? Ditch your wallpaper and instead paint your wall a bright purple. This feature wall will certainly be a great conversational piece when guests pop by!

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