How To Throw An Awesome House Party

You can have house parties for all sorts of reasons, whether it’s a graduation celebration, birthday, baptism, a holiday or anything worth celebrating. Deciding to have a house party is the easy part, but it’s the planning and preparation that’s challenging.

As the host/hostess, your job is to make sure that the party goes smoothly without a hitch and that everyone has fun. Before you dive into the preparation process, here are some party-planning essentials you should always bear in mind:

Prepare Some Foodcatering or buffet spread at home

What do you call a party without food? A bad one. Every party needs food, no matter how small the group of attendees. For every party, there is a unique selection of food that would  complement  the theme and time. If you’re going for more of an after-party, go for simple finger-foods like fries or bacon-wrapped sausages.For a garden party, get a caterer to enhance the atmosphere of your celebration. Salads, sandwiches and pasta are usually served at garden parties. If you are having trouble coming up with a menu, don’t worry about it! Gawin has a wide selection of caterers that can put a creative spin on personalized menus to suit your preference.

It’s Not A Party Without Drinks
wine glasses drinks

There’s no better way to enjoy the party  than  with a glass of wine or a shot of vodka in your hand. Drinks come in all sorts of themes as well.  Want drinks that match your rave party? Get a bartender that can make knockout shots and help people loosen up so they can enjoy the music. There are also bartenders who serve the fine wines that go well with the grilled prime rib steak and prawns you have on your menu for a elegant party. But ladies, no need to run to the alcohol store and buy a whole array of alcoholic drinks after a crash course on Mixology. We’ll provide you the bartender you need to get the party started.

Party Pictures Go A Long Way

Every house party must have photos for posterity so you can show your future kids what a house party in 2016 looked like.  All the laughters, tears, and all of the wacky moments you spent with your guests are always well-worth the photo. With Facebook and Twitter, photos are the best way to prove that the party did happen. Too busy entertaining the guests to take photos? Never fear as you can hire professional  photographers at the right price to help you preserve the all the fun in your house party.

Try To Keep Your Party Organized
event planner notebook writing

Not everyone likes to just sit around and drink and eat. There should be an itinerary to keep the guests entertained. Depending on the celebration, organizing a house party can be really festive. Plan an easter egg hunt to celebrate the childhood love of finding hidden chocolate eggs hidden during Easter! A live band is also a surefire way to get people to have fun at your house party. If you’re having trouble coming up with an itinerary for your guests, that’s what our event planners are for. has the perfect event planner waiting to help you plan the most awesome house party ever!

Now that you have the basics, we hope your party will be a blast! And if you need any assistance with tidying up after the party, just submit a request on Gawin for party cleaners and receive free quotes on cleaning prices from our service professionals.