How to Throw A Great Valentine’s Party For Your Single Friends

Valentine’s Day need not be that one time in the year where you cuddle up with wine and popcorn to Bridget Jones’ Diary – it can be fun even without a date too. Whether you’re single or single and mingling, you can still have a night to remember by hosting a fun Valentine’s Day party for you and your other single friends. And who knows –  maybe that spark you’re looking for will happen right here. Sounds like a good idea? Start your planning now and keep in mind the following:

Come Up With Your Guest List

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Before you come up with any party ideas, it’s best to know who’s coming and who will you likely want to join the night. Although the saying goes “the more the merrier,” it’s not true for all cases. Make sure that the party is big enough for people to meet other people, while small enough to not be too crowded or overstuffed. An ideal size would be around 15-30 people.

Decide on Where to Host It And When

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Brainstorm on possible locations and dates (sometimes the night of Valentine’s day isn’t good for everyone) at the soonest time possible so you can start sending out invitations. The “where” depends on your budget – it could just be a simple get-together at someone’s house or your apartment.

Design the Evening

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Once you’ve figured out where to host it and who to invite, you can start thinking of ideas on what to do during that night. And because you have a concrete guest list, you can come up with activities that you know everyone can enjoy. You can also sport a themed party with matching décor and music. You can sing your hearts out with a karaoke machine, play drinking games, or even host a quick speed dating game!

Have Enough Food and Memories to Go Around

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If there’s anything people love aside from good company, it’s good food and great memories. You can prepare a nice dinner for everyone to enjoy then follow it up with amazing dessert, and then you can add more games and activities to the to-do list for a lot of laughs. If anything fails, wine, cheese and a funny truth or dare session would never fail.

Hosting a Valentine’s Day party may seem like a lot of work at first, but it will totally be worth it especially when you see your friends and guests have a great time. And don’t worry – if you want to focus on making the night the most fun Valentine’s day celebration you and your friends will have, you can always enlist the help of trusted caterers to help you out with the food. This would be perfect if you’ll be hosting the party right after work and don’t have enough time to prepare. And if you want people to remember this night, you can also hire a photo booth to capture those quirky moments! Head on over to Gawin and we’ll help you find reliable service providers!

written by Bea Luna