How To Pick The Right Foundation Shade

Calling all makeup fiends, one of the most difficult things to do is to find the right foundation shade! From pinks to yellows to neutral undertones, to picking the shade that matches you best – it is no easy feat.

source: Hourglass

The first step to picking up the right foundation shade, is to first know the type of foundation you are looking for. Are you looking for a matte finish or a dewy finish? A matte foundation usually works better if you have oily skin, to make sure that the foundation does not budge. On top of that, are you looking for a foundation that is full coverage? Medium coverage? Or something a little more sheer? Now, you’re done with the easy part, narrowing down the type of foundation you should be looking at. Let’s go into the reason why we are here – picking out your correct shade.

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Alright, let’s figure out your undertone. One way to go about this is to take a look at the veins on your wrist. If your veins look blueish, you probably have a cool undertone. Whereas if it’s green, you most likely have warm undertones. Don’t feel left out if you can’t tell if your veins are green or blue, in that instance, your undertone is most likely neutral. Still can’t tell? Check out this article here.

Now, we are almost getting over this giant hill. With your undertone in mind, now it’s to pick up your shade. Remember to pick up the right undertone, most foundations will have the same shade in different undertones. Go for the shade you think you most likely are, and also grab one shade up and one shade down. Now, don’t go swatching the foundation on the back of your hand or your inner arm. As your arms tend to be tanner than your face, instead swatch the area of your neck right below the jaw. Compare all three shades and see if there is a match.

Do you need to go darker or lighter? Keep swatching until you find the shade that fits you most. It’s alright if you can’t get the perfect match on your first try. 

source: Charlotte Tilbury

With these hands guides in mind, picking up a new foundation should be significantly easier. Now, what if you are in between shades? Don’t be afraid to get two bottles of the same foundation and mix them together prior to application to get your PERFECT match. Don’t want to splurge on two bottles of foundation? Or maybe you have a bottle of foundation right now that does not exactly match your skin tone. There are shade adjusting drops in the market that you can mix into your foundation to either darken or lighten the foundation.

BUT, if you don’t intend on using makeup every day or want to look your best without going through the trouble of looking for the PERFECT foundation for a special event, hop on to Gawin right now. Get a quote for a professional makeup artist who will help you look your best.

written by Sereena Low