How to Pack Items Safely – The Unconventional Way

Getting ready for the big move? If you find out that you’re running low on your usual partners-in-crime when moving (newspapers and bubble wrap, that is), don’t fret. You don’t have to scour through grocery stores or convenience stores to find them just to keep your items safe and secure during the move. There are household items you can use that don’t only save you money, but also saves Mother Earth from extra waste too.



You’ll be packing this anyway, so might as well make good use out of your clothes and use them to wrap delicate items. Wrapping fragile items in clothes that you wouldn’t need to iron or wash immediately like shawls, sweaters or jackets can save you a ton of space and a ton of time too. You won’t need that extra bulky box anymore!


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This is another space-saver trick you can use! Maximize the space in your moving boxes and minimize waste by using your towels, sheets and other linens to help keep your breakables safe. Shower curtains, blankets, bed sheets and table cloths make good alternatives to bubble wrap too, but more specifically for wrapping flat items like mirrors.


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Pillows don’t have to take up an entire box cushioning each other. Instead, you can use your pillows as lining for the insides of your boxes that contain large fragile items so as to keep the pressure off them. You an can also use pillows when packing other heavy times so as to balance the weight among boxes, like books or canned goods. Any sort of pillow would work – couch cushions, bed pillows, throw pillows, or even your pet’s beds.

Bagged Food

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It doesn’t seem like a viable option at first glance, but think again: your bagged carrots and peas are actually good for packing, and not just as an ice pack substitute. Even if you’re not totally excited by the idea of mixing your food with other items, bagged food like lentils or beans can fill the corners of your boxes if you think that the contents might shift. You can wrap the bagged food in an extra bag just in case.

Zip lock Bags

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Zip lock bags are great at holding in air, especially if closed tight and properly with additional tape. By using zip lock bags, you can wrap glassware safely and other small, fragile items that might need the pressure as protection but can’t afford anything that presses too hard, like heavy clothing.

When newspapers or bubble wraps are hard to come by, maximize instead what you currently have and use them to wrap your fragile items instead. You save money, extra costs, and even save the environment when you do so. If you want to make sure that your fragile valuables are handled with extra care, get additional assistance from top-rated movers at affordable, fixed rates. Just log on to, select from the predesigned packages and fill in the details of your request.

written by Bea Luna