How To Make Your Move Easier!

It can be stressful packing for your move, choosing what to keep and what to give away or discard. Choosing the right sized lorry for your move also plays a big role, don’t get stressed out here are a few tips to make your move easier.


1. Determine what items you’re bringing



Deciding what is following you and what gets left behind can be a hard decision but one that needs to be made. To make this decision easier for you, asking yourself if you have used an item for the past year can help sort items that are more worthwhile and which have turned into junk.

Sentimental value can also be part of your decision making but try not to use this as a reason to keep something if you feel like it’s going to be a waste of space. Do a good deed or earn some extra cash on the items that don’t make the cut by giving away, donating or selling them.


2. Find out the difference between lorry sizes



Knowing the size of lorries and their approximate load weight will give you a better idea of how much stuff you can move in each lorry. Selecting the wrong sized lorry for your move can result in a less comfortable move, some of your items may not be able to fit leaving you no choice but to have another move.

Having extra space in the lorry is better than not having enough. Always prepare in case you have a few extra things you want to bring along, some things you just cannot account for so be prepared for that possibility.


3. Hire professionals to help



Having extra pairs of hands can significantly make your move way easier. Asking your friends or family to take time off their day to help may seem like a good idea until someone gets injured due to the lack of experience. Why not get help from our professional movers instead? 

Our movers will help you with loading & unloading, furniture disassembling & assembling and more. Enjoy great benefits when you book with us such as free reservice if unsatisfied and free insurance coverage for damage.