How to Make Your Condo Guest-Friendly For Travelers

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With the rise of Airbnb and the thriving home-sharing economy, putting up your condo for short-term rent is fast becoming one of the most convenient ways to earn passive income. As many travelers flock to various parts of the Philippines, whether they’re traveling locally or otherwise, you can expect that more and more people will want to stay in a guest-friendly place, which could be yours! If you’re thinking of opening up your home to couch-surfing travelers, make sure you have these four things down pat to increase your chances in getting a reservation.

Offer Reasonable Rates

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Before you begin your condo’s transformation, make sure you can match the rates that are currently on the market today. But if you want to charge a little higher, find out what additional service or feature you can offer to make your condo a more appealing place to stay in. Remember, many people are also renting out their condo units and homes, which means travelers are out to find the best, and not necessarily the cheapest deals fit for them.

Make It Cozy

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Upping your interior design game will definitely help a lot. Nobody wants to stay in a plain and bare place, feeling unwelcome. Make your condo stand out by creating a cozy space for your traveler-guest. You can do this by repainting your walls, adding carpets and rugs or beanbags, changing your linen, adding soothing curtains and lighting, and/or adding plants to make it look more homey.

Provide What Guests Need

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As guests are looking out for the best possible deal, it’s important to be sensitive to what they need from an Airbnb condo. You can research online on which type of condos get high ratings, and match what they provide with what you will provide as well. This can include access to the internet, temporary sim cards, kitchen items like microwaves, stoves and toasters, and even complimentary toiletries.

Ensure Cleanliness At All Times

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Last, but definitely not the least, go all out in making your condo spick and span. A clean place to stay is a minimum for any traveler. If you’ve traveled a lot, you know how important it is to have a safe and clean place to sleep in. This means a full job of cleaning from top to bottom – from your windows, to your linen, tiles, kitchen, sinks, toilet, etc.

When it comes to creating an Airbnb-worthy home, it’s possible that the process of cleaning up and redecorating might take more effort than you could give. If that’s the case, and you want help in transforming your condo, you can rely on trusted home improvement and interior design professionals at Gawin. And to lend you a helping hand in keeping your place fresh and clean, reliable cleaning service providers are also available in our platform. Log on to our website to submit a request. We’ll happily connect you to the best service providers in town!

written by Bea Luna