How To Make A Statement With Lights

modern dining room with statement light fixture

Tired of your living space but don’t have the cash for a full renovation? Don’t worry – simple changes go a long way, because sometimes in life you can skip the facelift and just get your eyebrows done or in renovation terms, change up your lights! The color of light used creates different moods in a space while the casing of the light creates a ‘character’ for the space. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ‘characters’ below to help you make that all-important decision.


Photo credit: Gagliano

This trend is gaining popularity among homeowners now as it fits in well with open space living concepts. There is something very chic about the exposed bulb that even we can’t get enough of.

Opt for drop down bulbs in different sizes over your dining table or go with a huge bulb propped on a standee/tripod to showcase your art collection or family photos. When using these sort of lights though, be sure to go with a warm or soft light as the exposed bulb hides nothing and a cold tone will create a harsh light which isn’t nice for the home environment.


Photo credit: Dutch Glow

Why limit your art collection to paintings? There are many lighting fixtures that are art pieces in their own right these days. While these type of lights come with a hefty price tag, don’t be dissuaded too soon.

There are many ways you can create your own statement pieces using fairy lights, malleable wire and a pair of pliers. Head over to Pinterest if you need some inspiration and just let your imagination run free. Better yet, do it with your family or friends for a memorable time together and a fun story to tell guests when they ask about it – believe us, they will.


Photo credit: The Register

Sometimes it’s all about the classics. Yup – the chandelier! Early chandelier’s got their design from their predecessor – the candelabra. Before the existence of electricity, people would carry portable candelabras around. When light bulbs came into being, people maintained the design of the fixture and merely switched out candles for light bulbs and poof! the chandelier was born.

Chandeliers are great for creating a grand and elegant look but you can also bring the chandelier into the 21st Century by marrying it with a slightly industrial feel as seen in the image above. Caging the chandelier gives the same effect as caging a light bulb albeit with a much more dramatic finish.  We give this one two thumbs up!


Photo credit: Lamps Plus

Oriental lighting fixtures like Chinese paper lanterns, upside down paper umbrellas or even an upside down Wok (strange as it sounds, I’ve actually seen this done before and it looked great!) are fantastic to use as statement pieces to really make your room pop. If the rest of the space already has lots of colors and you’re afraid that using Chinese lanterns will turn your living space into a Jackson Pollock painting, opt for plain white lanterns instead. These will still make a statement without overpowering the space, as seen in the image above.

If you still can’t make up your mind or need a hand to get your lighting fixture in place, reach out to one of our experts on All the best in your hunt for light, we hope this article was illuminating (pun intended). Remember to be bold with your lighting choices – recessed lighting won’t form a word let alone make a statement.

written by Mindy Kaura