How To Maintain Your Aircon?

Air conditioning is an advanced and convenient appliance at home or office as it can keep us comfortable and healthy. So maintaining and caring for your aircon system on a monthly basis can really benefit it. Here are 3 ways to maintain your aircon.


1.  Keep your aircon filter dirt-free



Did you know your aircon traps fungus, mould, dirt and germs within its filters if you fail to clean it at least once a month? Once the aircon filter is clogged with these microorganisms, it can severely restrict the airflow and makes it work much harder to push out conditioned air in order to keep your room cool.


A quick hack to eliminate these microorganisms from your aircon is vacuuming out the dirt or replacing a new filter. Yet, doing it yourself can easily cause injuries and damage to your aircon if not done properly. But fret not! Hire our experienced professionals to help you with high-quality aircon services


2. Ensure you aircon operates smoothly



Experts say the average lifespan of an aircon unit is about 15 to 20 years. One of the common causes for the aircon to break down from time to time is because you may be neglecting it when it starts blowing hot air or making strange noises. Ignoring any minor problems from your aircon will shorten its lifespan and threaten your health.


Once you notice your aircon is not operating properly, book our aircon service as soon as possible to detect and address your aircon woes.


3. Have the condenser unit examined and cleaned



The condenser unit is part of the aircon system located outdoors. The condenser unit is typically the dirtiest part of the system because it’s always overlooked due to it being out of sight. It contains the condensing coils, compressor and a fan within a metal case that has plenty of ventilation slats to provide cool air.


However, due to strong wind, the condenser unit will gather insects, leaves, or any other debris easily and prevent your aircon from running optimally. Hence, we recommend hiring our experts to get your condenser cleaned periodically. 


Proper maintenance can make your aircon run more effectively and provide cool and clean air. It is recommended for you to get your aircon cleaned on a regular basis with the help of our professionals. What are you waiting for? Book now and enjoy great benefits such as a reservice if unsatisfied!