How to Incorporate Scandinavian Designs At Home

If you’re looking into sporting a totally fresh look for your home, it’s highly suggested that you explore Scandinavian designs. This brand of decor is an advocate of clean, simple and chic home designs, so if you love the crisp look of white walls accentuated with a toned down color palette, you’ll surely love this design theme. Here are a few Scandinavian designs you can incorporate into your home for inspiration.

Subdued With A Few Accents

scandinavian home design subdued with accent Photo credit:

One of the hallmarks of a Scandinavian home design is having accent colors scattered to complement a more subdued color scheme that covers most of the room. Because the rest of the room is colored in palettes of grays, whites and pale browns, adding neon-colored furniture here and there makes them look out of place, but gorgeously so.

Hanging Elegant Fixtures

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Adding to the sleek Scandinavian design, hanging fixtures are also part of this home design aesthetic. Whether it be in the form of a lighting fixture or a quirky chair, complementing your high ceilings with hanging furniture that’s not too bulky gives a feeling of modern elegance.

Monochromatic Walls

black-and-white-living-room-with-elegant-pops-of-yellow Photo credit:

The Scandinavian aesthetic likes to keep it simple – with nothing too overwhelming for the senses. Paint your walls in shades of white or gray so you can keep the accents of color coming from your furniture and things. Monochromatic walls make the room look clean, while peppered with dashes of color here and there.

Natural Lighting

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To keep your place looking chic, it’s best to let a lot of natural light in. Adding big windows does the trick, and it makes your home look more spacious too. Moreover, natural daylight is the most sustainable lighting, which is also environmental-friendly.

Symmetry and Geometry

geometric scandinavian home design Photo credit:

This home design theme is also a big fan of symmetry and geometric shapes – particularly a lot of rectangles and edges. Decorate rooms with angular furniture, following a clean grid layout.

If you want an elegant, fresh home design but would like to keep that home-y feeling, you’d want to try out the Scandinavian home aesthetic. However, being able to achieve that perfect Scandinavian look might be tricky, especially when it comes to balancing simplicity with chic. If you need a helping hand, you may contact’s home renovation and interior design specialists. Just submit a request on and we’ll connect you to the right guys in a jiffy!

written by Bea Luna