How To Incorporate Neon Into Your House

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Back in the late 70’s and well into the 80’s, neon was what marked the decade’s interior design trends. Today however, this color is rarely used to decorate interiors, whether it be a home, office or a public space – but a lot of potential to create beautiful spaces with neon is overlooked.

It doesn’t have to be too bold a move, and it surely doesn’t require using a black light. There are many different ways you can use neon to complete sophisticated spaces, but be careful: too much of it can make the room too bright and loud. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use in incorporating this retro vibe into your house.

Use It To Complement White Or Gray Walls

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When you have a bare white or gray wall, decorating with neon serves as an accent, without being too strong on the eyes. For example, you can hang neon paintings on white walls, or paint bright-colored patterns on a small part of the wall. You can also paint your doors neon as they’re the largest part of any wall, and serves as the main accent to a room.

Brighten Up A Room 


Neon doesn’t only go with light-colored rooms; it also goes with dark-themed spaces. If you have a room that’s on the darker side of the color spectrum – grays and blacks, or dark browns and blacks – adding a bright neon item to the room helps add a little personality to the area.

Neon Furniture Among A Subdued Room

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Still keeping this as an accent color, you can do something a little bolder and insert neon furniture in rooms whose color palette is subdued. Light pastel colors and off-white walls blend well with this color, and your furniture can vary – from throw pillows on the couch, to vases and lamp stands. Keep in mind that too much neon furniture is also hurtful to the eyes. You want to keep the accent furniture items to three at most, and the neon colors to at most two.

Color One Wall Neon

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This is possibly the most bold move you can make – but stylish all the same. Painting a wall of your room in any neon color not only makes the room feel brighter, but it also gives off a fun, adventurous vibe. Though it’s not advisable to color your bedroom neon, you can use this color for one of your living room or dining room walls. Complement it with a lot of blacks and whites in your furniture, and you’re good to go!

Adding neon to your home’s design may seem intimidating at first, but beautifying your home with bright colors is actually a lot easier than it looks. Your home should reflect your personal style and taste, so don’t be afraid to go for it if you really want to. To get a better picture of where this color could best fit into your home, feel free to consult one of Gawin’s interior designers and home renovation specialists for in-depth advice. Submitting a job request is free, and they’ll send you their affordable rates – all for free too! Happy decorating!

written by Bea Luna