How To Have The Best Wedding Photos


Bride and groom holding bridal bouquet close up

The wedding is coming up and there are a million things zipping through your mind. Have you finalized the guest list and sent out wedding invitations? Do you have the perfect caterer? Have you picked the right bridesmaid dresses? The list just goes on and on, but don’t forget about the wedding photography! Your wedding photos will serve as evidence of the day you stand at the altar, looking into the eyes of your spouse while proclaiming, “I do.”

Hiring a good photographer is a definite must, but that’s not all. If you want fantastic photos, you’ll need to give your photographer good things to work with. Here’s how to ensure that you get the best photos out of your big day.

wedding photographer professional DSLR

Hire A Professional Photographer… Or Two

Some couples would rather splurge on the venue and the food than invest in experienced photographers, so the task of photographing these moments are unofficially assigned to their friends and relatives with point-and-shoot cameras and mobile phones. Bad choice.

Having only one professional photographer at the wedding places a lot of pressure on the photographer, so it’s always best to have at least 2 photographers to cover the entire wedding, from the important moments to your candid expressions. More photographers equal a wider variety of photos too! 



Clean Your House

Brides are usually so caught up with the miniscule details of the big day that the tidiness of the house often gets shoved at the bottom of the grand list of Things To Do. When the wedding photographers arrive in the morning to photograph you getting ready, it’s not their job to declutter your room. They’re already tasked with the responsibility of photographing you at your best, so now it’s your job to ensure your house looks its best to avoid messy backdrops in your photos. Hire professional cleaners from at reasonable rates to clean your place the day before the wedding.

wedding bouquet flowers

Boast Your Wedding Bouquet

Your wedding bouquet will be a major prop in your photos, so don’t just settle for any random bouquet. Instead, get advice from our experienced florists on the best flowers that align with your theme. Whether it’s pastels or pops of color that you’re going for, our florists will help you choose the perfect bouquet that compliments your style.

wedding venue decoration

Decorate Your Wedding Venue

Wedding decorations definitely contribute to your wedding photos. Set the atmosphere with fresh flowers and pretty trails of warm lighting. Be creative with your decor and hire an event planner to assist you with the details of your wedding so you’ll have one burden off your shoulders.

wedding cake

Get A Photogenic Wedding Cake

Wedding photographers love photographing a beautiful cake, perched gloriously on its special pedestal, a grand masterpiece of beauty and elegance. Order a customized wedding cake of your choice and choose from a variety of exciting flavors and textures – buttercream, sponge, fondant and more!

happy asians posing at photobooth

Rent A Photobooth

For fun photos, include a photobooth so your guests can have a blast too! People love posing with cheesy-looking props, like rabbit masks and geeky plastic glasses. The cheesier, the better! Visit for photobooth rentals.

wedding dress and necklace

Get A Gorgeous Wedding Dress

Just like the good ol’ prom days, your gown matters. If you can’t afford to buy a wedding dress, we’ve got you covered. Submit a request on for wedding dress rentals and select your size and any other accessories you’d like to include.

Make-up artist doing make up for young beautiful bride applying wedding make-up

Secure A Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

Last but not least, when it comes to your hair and makeup, do not settle for anyone but a professional. A true professional will know what colors and styles suit your features and face shape, how to fix your brows or frame the color of your eyes, and how not to use certain products so you won’t get that unattractive “ghostly effect” in the presence of flash photography.

Whatever your wedding needs are, we have a solution. Check out for any of the services mentioned above, and more! We can connect you to the live bands, wedding caterers, emcees, videographers and other services that you might require to take the load off your shoulders. Let us help you with the details so you can channel your focus and energy into looking flawless on your wedding!