How to Have the Best and Most Relaxing Bath Ever

Everyone’s had at least one tough day at work, and when that happens a little me-time is definitely called for. It’s normal to get stressed, but stress must be fought with stress relievers every once in a while.

Whether you’re coming home from a long day, or you just want to hide from the world a bit to sit back and calm down, a soothing bath is a good idea to melt away all the stress. For the most relaxing bath ever, follow these simple tips and hacks!

Keep It Natural

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Instead of bathing in soap bubbles, you can try out bathing in herbal tea instead or using aromatherapy blends for bath salts. You can even make them yourself at home. For example, you can mix eucalyptus with peppermint to help with your colds, or mix lemon with rosemary to help put your mind at ease.

Go Daydreaming On Water

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Lean back and go shut your eyes while basking in warm, relaxing water. You can get waterproof bath pillows, or you can makeshift one using face towels if you don’t feel like going the extra mile to buy a bath pillow from a store.

Light It Up

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Nothing quite sets the mood for relaxation like surrounding your tub with candles. It’s highly suggested that you use circular candles cupped by steel underneath so the wax doesn’t accidentally get into your tub or leave traces on your bathroom tiles.

Make A Bath Caddy For Your Book and Wine

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It’s really not a good idea to bring your gadgets with you while taking a bath. If you want to do something while relaxing, bring your favorite book or a magazine with you, paired with a glass of wine (or beer or a cocktail you like). You can use a simple wooden tray and hang both ends on the ledges of your bathtub so you have somewhere to put your book and drink.

Play Some Music

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What songs do you find relaxing? Maybe it’s classical or maybe it’s jazz – whatever your favorite genre may be, soothing music will truly help you get into a relaxed state of mind. Bring in your CD player with you or your phone with speakers. Just remember to put them where they won’t easily get wet!

You deserve a little R&R every now and then, and it’s really not a bad thing to pamper yourself and rest when you need to. If you want to do something else other than veg out in front of the TV or sleep, a bath is a perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate.

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written by Bea Luna