How to Have A Walking Dead Themed Halloween Party

Halloween is the most awaited time of the year for kids and kids-at-heart. You get to work on your creative costumes as objects, famous characters or spooky creatures – from pumpkins to zombies. And the fun builds up as you interact with fellow Halloween goers in parties and other events.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, this month is also the best time to express your fandom and go crazy with bringing in your favorite series from the small screen to the real world. Season 7 just premiered and to celebrate, here’s how you can pull off the best Walking Dead Halloween party of all time.

Put Up Zombie-inspired Decorations

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Of course, a Halloween party should have appropriate decors. In this case, it’s all about zombies. Creating zombie-themed parties usually mean a whole lot of fun when it comes to decorating, and it also means a whole lot of fake blood. Mix or buy fake blood and fill your bathtub, sinks, clear vases, etc. with fake blood, and put blood splatters on surfaces where you can wipe them off later (windows, doors, tables, etc). You can even have bloody footprints and cutouts of bloody hands on your walls. Also have decors wherein you try to lock in a few zombies.

For some real Walking Dead vibes, have a painting that says “Please Forgive Us” on one of your walls. Hang cobwebs on your ceilings, and make a cemetery out of your front lawn. You can also leave fake human organs lying around!

Get A Creepy Photo Booth

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Your guests would want this memorable night to be documented – not just shared on social media! Create a creepy photo booth by having a not-so-bright lighting yet bright enough for photos to be taken. Add in cobwebs, maybe a few candles in the background, a whole lot of blood in the tarpaulin backdrop and maybe a coffin by the side. Don’t hesitate to contact a photo booth service provider if you need additional assistance.

Go On A Walking Dead Marathon

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No party is complete without a marathon of their favorite series – Walking Dead included. While many guests will be mingling and chatting up other guests, have an activity area where Walking Dead fans can chill out and watch a few episodes of their favorite show. Bring in some popcorn and drinks for sharing – they’ll love you for it.

Prepare Food For the Dead

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Spice up the party by serving creepy-looking yet delicious food for Walking Dead fans! As much as possible, you want to give off the impression that the food is full of blood, so you’d want to have food that are in shades of red – tomato soup, ketchup, medium rare steak, wine. Don’t also forget to serve food that looks like human body parts – and see how your guests would react! To successfully pull off this sweet, creepy-looking treats, it will be better to hire a professional caterer.

Dress Up Like Your Favorite Character

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Be in character by requiring guests to wear their best zombie costumes! This is one of the easiest and cheapest costumes to sport during Halloween because all you need are old clothes, fake blood, and face paint. You basically want to cut out some patches in your old clothes and cover yourself in as much bloodstain as possible.

Some guests don’t fancy zombies? Well, you can ask them to join Rick’s team and pick a character they’d like to be!

If you’re dead set (pun intended) on making a stellar Walking Dead party happen, make sure that your house is spick and span before decorating! After the party, you will definitely need all the help you can get cleaning up all the mess – a true hallmark of a party gone right. Luckily, you can employ a verified cleaning service provider for that! Head on over to Gawin and in a few clicks, we’ll connect you to the cleaners who’d make sure there are no zombie remnants left at your place. Happy scarefest!

written by Bea Luna