How to get rid of stains on the sofa

“Stay home, stay safe”, a tagline that has been brought forward into 2021 from 2020. By staying home more often, many have become couch potatoes, lounging on the sofa daily. And spending more time on the sofa means eating or drinking on it, leading to dirt, water, coffee or crumbs to build up. However, it’s surely a no-no to be hanging out on a dirty sofa. Hence, it is important to clean our upholstery furniture regularly to maintain its condition and cleanliness. 

Why must we get rid of stains on the sofa?

First of all, the sofa is commonly placed in the center of the house – the living room, often near frequently opened doors and windows. Therefore, other than your coffee, tea spillages or cookie crumbs, don’t be surprised that it is full of creatures such as dust mites, bacteria and mould that are living on the surface or deep within the sofa! Although can’t be seen with naked eyes, these creatures can cause potential health problems like allergies or emit foul odours if neglected for a long time.

Simple steps to get rid of stains on the sofa

Oh no! Spilled liquid onto your sofa? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The best timing to remove and minimise any liquid stain on the sofa is to do it immediately after the spillage. Here is a simple step to step guide to get rid of stains on your sofa. 

  1. Use a dry cloth or kitchen towel to blot the liquid

Blot the liquid on the sofa surface as much as possible. Plus point if you’re using a microfibre cloth because they are the most absorbent!

  1. Mix vinegar and baking soda to create a concentrate solution

Spread the solution onto the stain evenly. The combination of vinegar and baking soda can “pull” out the deposits from the fabric stain 

  1. Spray distilled water and remove the solution using a dry, clean cloth.

When trying to remove stains on fabrics like the sofa, it is highly recommended to use distilled water as tap water contains impurities that might further stain the spot instead. 

  1. Repeat steps and let dry.

Repeat the steps above until the stain is removed and let dry using a fan or hairdryer. 

Well, here we have a simple guide on how to get rid of stains on your sofa. However, these DIY tricks are meant for minor stains. If you have huge and stubborn stains, opt to get them cleaned by professionals as they will assist you by using the correct tools and solutions for clean and fresh upholstery in return.