How to get rid of fabric stains!

We’ve all had accidents when it comes to spilling food on our sofa, mattress and other fabrics. The tricky part is fabrics can’t be simply wiped away, it requires some elbow grease and the right kind of chemicals. Here are 4 home fabrics and how to get rid of stains on them. 

Curtain Stains

Even though your curtains don’t look significantly dirty, you still need to clean it periodically. This is because most curtains are made of woven fabrics that can easily gather dander, dust, harmful germs and even mould spores! These dust and other debris will swirl around in your home when you open or close the curtains which can affect your indoor air quality. Now if you are facing some terrible stains caused by the kids, or clumsy accidents here’s how you can remove it. Generally, the curtains are made up of garment, sheer, and acrylic fabrics so you can remove the stains from these fabrics by soaking the curtains in natural products such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. If you need more help, get quality curtain cleaning service from Gawin to help your home stay clean after the lockdown period.

Sofa Stains

The sofa is the place we love to relax on after a long day of work. However, your sofa can be harbouring a layer of dirt and dust and also be home to your stains! Such as watermarks, food stains and others, the key is to remove it with soap and water immediately, the longer you leave the stain, the more unlikely it is to leave your sofa. If the food stains have a high protein or oil content, it will cause bacterial growth and make your sofa stink. If your sofa is made of leather, a quick hack to remove minor sofa stains is using alcohol to rub it. Also, if your sofa is made of fabrics, you can apply white vinegar or baby wipes on the stained areas as these ingredients are very gentle and won’t damage your sofa’s fabric.

Mattress Stains 

Your mattress is used every single day, and sometimes we can’t help but get a little too comfortable, we even bring food to bed and spill it which causes it to seep through the sheets and into the mattress. But the most common stains on the bed are urine stains especially those who have small children. A quick way to remove these stains and odour is to spray white vinegar over the area until the mattress is dry. If you want a more professional approach to cleaning your mattress you can hire our highly-rated experts! 

Clothing Stains 

There’s nothing worse than having to throw out a beloved piece of clothing due to a stain. Fortunately, you can use some low-cost household ingredients for removing these stubborn stains by yourself. Spread some baking soda powder on the area of the stain by using an old toothbrush and gently scrubbing it. Hopefully, you will not have to say goodbye to your favourite garment ever again. 

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