How To Get Home Essential Services Done During Community Quarantine

Due to the current situation and having Community Quarantine imposed in the country, you may be unsure how you can book services from us. No worries, just follow these simple steps to enjoy our home essential home services. 


1. Select your service and book



One of the easiest steps to book services for your home is knowing what home services you want. Simply browse through our website and select a service, book it and you’re already done with the first step. 

If you’re not sure what services you want, check out our Essential Services and book them to enjoy the great discounts we are currently offering! You can also compare and book your preferred vendor for the job by visiting our vendor directory which has over 500+ vendor profiles to choose from.


2. Inform your management on your service dates



If you are staying in a condo, apartment or flat, do inform the management of your building on the date of your services to grant the necessary access for our service providers to conduct the service. Informing the management also helps them keep record for contact tracing. 

If you are not feeling well or are showing flu-like symptoms, we strongly recommend you reschedule your service. 


3. Get your service done



Last but not least, enjoy the service which is conducted by our trusted vendors who are adhering to the code of conduct set by IATF. To ensure maximum safety, our service providers will take extra precautionary steps by following strict SOPs, and will also be PPE equipped to serve you as safely as possible.

We prioritize the safety of both you and our service providers especially during times like this. Have one less thing to worry about, book our essential services and enjoy great benefits alongside amazing discounts now.