How to Find Your Best Angle In Photographs

If you have a reunion coming up, or maybe even a photo shoot (with your family, for a wedding, or what have you), you want to be prepared for a long series of your photographs that a lot of people may end up seeing. Sadly, it’s not as easy as it sounds – posing in photos to achieve a flattering look can be quite difficult, especially since you can’t exactly see yourself. But these tips can help you if you keep them in mind during your pictorial.

Chin Up!

woman has her chin up Photo credit:

Tilt your chin up slightly to avoid getting that unwanted double chin. By doing so, you don’t only look thinner, but you also look more confident too. Make sure it’s not that obvious though. While you don’t want to look bloated in your photographs, you also don’t want to look too cocky. Likewise, you can play around with different angles for your face too by titling your head to different sides. Practice with a mirror so you can see which angle is most flattering for you.

Angle Your Body

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Ever noticed how Hollywood stars angle their bodies when having their photos taken on the red carpet? It’s because fully facing the camera is not a flattering angle as it makes you look more stubby than normal. Turn your body 45 degrees away from the camera, with either your left or right side closer to the camera. If your right side is closer to the camera, extend your right leg so that your right foot is crossing over your left, then put your right hand on your hip. Rest your weight on the back leg. The opposite applies when your left side is closer to the camera – the trick is to make your body look like a slender, diagonal line.

Keep It Longer

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Elongate your neck and avoid slouching. By doing these two things, you’re already taking two steps towards looking more confident and taller in the photos. A rule that you can always follow is to pull your shoulders back, chest out and tummy in.

Where You Look Matters

girl looks directly at camera Photo credit:

Your eyes are usually what draws people in when looking at your photos. Holding a pose while positioning your eyes may be difficult, so you can close them and then reopen them for a fresher look. Likewise, you can look away then look back directly at the camera. The trick is to catch as much light as possible in your eyes to create that much-wanted sparkle.

Give A Genuine Smile

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Of course, nothing beats a genuine smile, no matter the angle! You want to make sure that your eyes smile too, so what you can do is imagine something that makes you laugh (but not too much, of course) and then using that to shine your most beautiful smile.

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written by Bea Luna