How To Find Out If It’s Time to Repair Or Throw It Away

Not sure if you should buy a new one, or just have your current item fixed? Don’t fret – this happens to a lot of us and many of us find ourselves in the same predicament over many different things. From the small items like a broken watch, to more expensive items like gadgets and house appliances, it’s pretty common to be torn between throwing it away or having it repaired. If you’re not quite sure what to do, ask yourself these five questions first.

Which Is Cheaper – Repair or Buy A New One?

Hands using a screwdriver to assemble a Ceiling Fan for installation

In general, if it’s cheaper to buy a new item than have it repaired, it’s better to replace it with a new item. That way, you’re sure that you get the item in fresh condition, and it can last longer than if you had your current item repaired.

On the other hand, if repair costs are much less than buying a new item – say, half the price – and you really need to use the item in question asap, you can go for a repair instead. This is especially true for house and appliance repairs – if your house only needs a few repairs (a few broken sinks and water pipes, for example), it’s better to have it repaired than to purchase a new one.

Does It Have A Sentimental Value?

TV Remote Isolated on White.

It might be difficult to let go of something that has sentimental value and replace it with a new version of the same item. In some cases, it’s definitely better to have it repaired – like with jewelry and watches, for example. But for items that have a sure wear-out date (like gadgets), even if they have sentimental value, repairs might not be worth it in the long run especially if you’ve had it for years. Consider getting a new one instead, because having an old gadget repaired might actually cost you more.

Can You Change It Into Something Else?


A broken item can frustrate anyone, but look at the bright side: it can make room for something new to be created out of it! If your item can be transformed into something else, consider having it redesigned. Maybe it’s a spacious room in your house that has creaky floors – if that’s the case, consider replacing the floor tiles and changing up the look of your interiors.

How Often Do You Need the Item?

Hand opening microwave oven close up

Any item you use on a daily basis needs to be durable and reliable. This means that you’d want the item to be completely usable the next time you would need it, and not on the brink of breaking all the time. If this is the case, buying a replacement might be the better option. Having it repaired does not exactly guarantee durability, moreso doesn’t guarantee that you can use it for a long time after repair.

Are There Repair Services That Can Fix The Item?

Electric motor and man working equipment repair on cement floor background.Backgroud motor or equipment.Zoom in

Not all items can be readily repaired by service providers. This is especially true for gadgets made and bought abroad, which rarely have spare parts here in the Philippines. If you’ve exhausted all your efforts in finding a repair service for your item but can’t find any that you can trust, it’s better to buy a replacement instead.

The above-mentioned questions can come in handy whenever you’re contemplating on getting something repaired or replaced – be it a cellphone or house appliances. It’s a more difficult thought to tell when houses need repair, and even when you can tell, it’s better to trust a professional opinion on what exactly needs fixing. In that case, you can rely on Gawin’s appliance service and repair specialists to help you. Once you submit a job request on Gawin, you’ll get free quotes to help you compare prices and hire the professional of your choice!

written by Bea Luna