How To Design Your Room Like A Sophisticated Hotel Suite

Ever spent a night at a gorgeous hotel and wished your room was just like that? Thick and comfy duvets, soft carpet tickling your feet and gentle lighting illuminating the elegant expanse of the suite. You don’t have to travel just to enjoy the luxury of a 5-star hotel bedroom. Follow these tips to transform current room into an ideal staycation paradise, complete with pampering and calming elements.

Set The Mood With Lighting

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If you have the chance to remodel and change up your windows, go for windows that welcome in more natural light.  What makes a luxurious hotel room different from the others is how the lighting affects the room – hard, white fluorescent lights are usually avoided in these settings, because you want to set the mood for something relaxing. Opt for soft yellow or orange lights with intensities that you can adjust as you wish. Placing orange-hued lamps by your bedside table or desk would also be a good way to set a calming, serene atmosphere at night.

Invest In 5-Star Furniture

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A 5-star hotel invests in sturdy beds, lamps and quality furniture to ensure your comfort upon entering the room. The same principle applies with designing your bedroom. The first thing to think about would be your bed. Invest in a bed and mattress that are of the highest quality possible, and throw in large pillows and medium-sized to small cushions, as well as crisp, high thread count sheets.

Feel free to include a bedside table and a desk in there, as well as mirrors to help make your room more spacious. Investing in 5-star furniture would mean getting aesthetically-pleasing furniture that complement each other, while exuberating sophistication and quiet elegance. Add a reading area with a soft, plush chair where you can lounge during your down time.

Keep It Neat

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Since you’ll be rearranging your room (and perhaps will be adding more furniture to it), you want to make sure that you still have breathing space. Always check that your room is kept tidy – bed made, no socks on the floor, jewelry stored in appropriate boxes – and you can do this by maximizing storage too. Keep your bedside accessories to a minimum; likewise, keep your furniture to a minimum too.

For example, a reading area won’t need to take up the same amount of space as your bed, and you wouldn’t want to put up too many photo frames everywhere. A luxurious suite demands top-notch hygiene – but if you don’t have time on your hands to do the cleaning, don’t worry. Our professional cleaners on Gawin have got you covered.

Use Complementary Color Schemes

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Luxury hotel suites usually don’t adopt loud colors that strain the eyes. In addition, they don’t use colors that are too dull or dark – they strike a balance, and usually keep it monochromatic with neutrals. This maintains the classiness of the room. Choose one main color and another matching shade that looks good with it, but make sure that majority of your room – from the walls, to the cushions, to the flooring the sheets – are varying shades of the main color. For the best finish to your room’s paint, our talented painters can help you out.

Keep Most Of The Flooring Soft

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Carpeted floors are a staple at hotels. It’s pretty rare to find hardwood flooring in hotel rooms, so if you have hardwood flooring in yours, invest in a pretty rug that matches the walls. Subdued browns usually do the trick.

These are only a few ideas you can use in redesigning your dream bedroom. Every room is unique, much like its owner, and so you’d want a design that really speaks for you while making you feel at home. When in doubt, an interior designer can help you there, and if you’re skeptical on executing those ideas flawlessly, you can turn to a home renovation specialist to help you. There’s no harm leaving the job to the professionals, because they can provide you the best advice in conjunction to your style, preferences and room size. Visit Gawin for a full list of home services!

written by Bea Luna