How To Create A Gallery Wall

Not sure what to do with the empty wall by your staircase? Or maybe the area about your couch is looking a little barren. Why not spice it up with a gallery wall to showcase your favorite photos! This is a simple home DIY that anyone can pull off with enough time and patience.

source: The Glitter Guide

Step 1: Placement

Think about where you would like this feature to be. There are many areas in your home in which all your beautiful pictures can occupy, so take some time to think about the perfect placement. If you’re not feeling too confident in your placements, try scaling the project down to 4-6 pictures.

source: Hita

Step 2: Pictures

Once you have your placement sussed out, what are you going to display? It could be family photos or prints. There is no fixed rule to the pictures you’re putting out. Have a large anchor piece or two to arrange the smaller prints around if you’re looking to do a mosaic of pictures in different sizes.

Step 3: Laying Out

Lay out the pictures on the floor to visualize the placements of each piece. Start by laying out the bigger pieces, and then building outwards from there. Try not to place too many prints of the same composition clumped together, and instead spread them out. By laying out the pieces, it gives you the flexibility to rearrange the pieces to your liking as many times as you want.

source: Home Polish

Step 4: Visualization

Once you have the perfect layout, cut out pieces of paper in accordance to the size of the pictures and arrange them on the wall. Is it at the perfect height? Before you hammer in a nail or before you stick on command tape, make sure the mock layout on the floor translates well on the wall.

source: Home Polish

Step 5: Hanging!

Now, you’ve gotten all your pieces in place and you’re happy with the composition. It’s finally time to put in the nails or command tape and hang your pictures up!

Remember, your gallery wall isn’t just limited to pictures or prints. You can certainly throw in different elements to jazz up the wall, such as mirrors or wall hangings. And don’t be afraid to mix and match different shapes and material for your frames. Use your creativity and imagination, and most of all – have fun with it!

source: The Spruce

Perhaps you aren’t sure what prints will match with each other, or you are not confident in your capacity to handle hammers and nails. Or you would just like a second opinion on your lay out, hop on over to Gawin and get help from one of our experienced interior designers here!