How To Choose Your Cleaning Session

 Be it spending a full day at home or outside, the last thing anyone wants to do is to clean the house. However, everyone wants a sparkly clean and comfortable home and we know that it is inevitable to feel overwhelmed and exhausted for the constant need to maintain the cleanliness of the house. Fret not! Schedule house cleaning services from us for peace of mind and here we would like to recommend how to arrange and pick your house cleaning sessions depending on your needs. 


One-time house cleaning sessions are suitable for homes that are occasionally messy. If your house is regularly cleaned and maintained, booking a one-time house cleaning session can help in giving your house an extra shine. One-time cleaning sessions are also fit for occasional visits from friends and family or post-decluttering sessions. 


Looking for a fresh start every month? Kickstart your months with a freshly cleaned space from January to December. Monthly cleaning sessions are fit for people who are looking for an extra refresh on top of their daily cleanings. 


A bi-weekly cleaning session deep cleans your house twice a month while still leaving space for you to clean lightly in between. 


Weekly cleaning sessions are suitable for family homes especially families that put extra care for potential allergens or dusts. Resetting your weeks with weekly cleaning sessions can ensure your house is well-organised all year and minimise risk for allergies.

Hiring professional house cleaning services may spare your time and energy to maintain the comfort level of your house. It can also greatly benefit you economically, physically and mentally. Take a break and our professional house cleaners will care for the rest.