How To Choose The Right Aircon

Having an aircon at home is almost an essential especially if you’re living in a tropical country. To get the best cooling for your space, you will have to take many factors into consideration to choose the right aircon. To make the process easier for you, here are a few things you will need to know when buying an aircon.


1. Looking into horsepower



Choosing the horsepower aircon to be installed varies depending on the room you’re looking to install the unit in. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right horsepower aircon like heat exposure, room size and more.

An easy way to make a decision on the horsepower needed for a particular room is the larger the room, the higher the cooling capacity will be required. To make the best choice, consult our aircon professionals to ensure you get the best cooling for any space. 


2. Wall or ceiling mounted



Choosing to go with a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted unit totally depends on how much space you want to be cooled. Ceiling-mounted units are mostly for areas with a bigger space, because of its design, it is able to distribute cool air in four directions instead of just one on a wall-mounted unit. 

A wall-mounted unit will be more suitable for a bedroom as it is quieter and is easier to install, whereas a ceiling-mounted unit is more appropriate for a larger common area.


3. Inverter or non-inverter



To make the decision choosing between the two, you must first learn their differences. If you like your space sub-zero and intend to use the aircond often, an inverter unit is an ideal choice for you. You can control its temperature better and have the ability to slow down or speed up according to your desire.

A non-inverter unit turns off entirely after reaching the desired temperature and turns on again when it’s warm. It can be irritating for light-sleepers as it will make a sound every time it shuts off and turns back on. Not to mention, the unit has a fixed speed and power, which is more energy-consuming.


4. Energy Efficiency Ratio



An aircon unit with a good energy star rating will not only be good for the environment but also your wallet. You can learn the units Energy Efficiency Ratio by checking the Energy Label which is number stated, the higher the better. 

Aircon units with a higher Energy Efficiency ratio will consume less energy and electricity when in use. This will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used and will make a difference in your electricity bill. 


5. Noise control



Having an aircon that runs quietly is an essential feature you would want to have. You wouldn’t want to be disturbed when you are in deep slumber by the hovering sound of your aircon. 

Higher fan speeds might be the cause of the noise, so be sure to check how loud the aircon unit runs when on the highest fan speed possible. Better yet if the unit has a sleep mode, you are sure to have a good night’s sleep. 


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