How To Choose The Best Lipstick Color

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Almost every girl we know is going crazy with the new beauty app by Urban Decay, Vice, which allows you to virtually sample all 100 shades of its new lipstick line, from bright purple to deep cherry red.

But there’s a science behind selecting the perfect lipstick shade that complements your lips, skin tone and personality. With so many colors out there, which one should you pick? Don’t worry. Here are some tips you should always bear in mind while shopping for lipsticks.

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Identify Your Skin Complexion

If you have a fair complexion, you might want to stay away from extra light colors to avoid looking too pale or washed out, but you can play up bold colors like bright red or coral pink, or even deep burgundy. On the contrary, if you have a dark complexion, go for colors like plum, dark berry or cherry red. Even bold pops of pink could come off as a flattering statement lip – just stay away from nudes or light, frosty to decide the best lipstick shade that fits your undertone
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Know Your Skin Undertone

Your skin’s undertone will help you determine the right lip shade. Check the veins on your wrist – blue veins equal a cool undertone, and green veins mean a warm undertone. If your veins appear both green and blue, you’re one of the lucky ladies with a neutral undertone who can easily pull off any shade.

Warmer skin undertones favor warm colors such as reds and oranges, while cooler undertones suit pinker shades.

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Choose Colors That Make Your Teeth Appear Whiter

Does your lipstick color affect your teeth’s whiteness? Yes, it does! Deep reds with a proportioned blue undertone will lend the teeth a slightly whiter effect. Think about the color wheel. Blue sits right across from orange and yellow on the wheel, so they tend to cancel each other out when placed side by side. Unfortunately, pinks are a little challenging to pull off because the absence of a dark contrast fails to make the teeth stand out. Beauty experts have advised women to stick to cooler undertones such as a deep plum or soft raspberry, rather than summery orange and bright coral hues.

With these pointers in mind, you can hit the stores with fresh confidence in pursuit of the perfect lipstick. Your lips are a prominent feature, so make sure that your lipstick choices are doing your lips some good justice!

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