How To Buy The Perfect Mattress For You

A good mattress can affect your sleep duration and prevent you from good quality sleep. But how do you find the right mattress to suit your needs? Here are a few tips to help you purchase the perfect mattress for you.

Must Be Comfortable!

This is an important thing that you must do when choosing a mattress. Comfort will determine how good your sleep quality is and help reduce any risk of body aches. 

We recommend that you sit or lay down on the mattress that you potentially want to buy for at least 10 minutes in your usual sleeping position. This is so you can gauge whether this mattress will be a good fit for you. 

Understanding The Types Of Mattress 

Have you ever been confused with many types of mattresses on the market? Well, there are 3 types of mattress that are commonly used which are spring bed, memory, and latex. All these three have different functions.

  • Spring bed is the type of mattress that is most widely used. This mattress is equipped with a sturdy steel spiral spring and covered with thick foam as a cushion so that it can support your spine well.
  • Memory type mattresses are made of contoured material that can follow the shape of the body. A memory mattress is useful for improving posture and relieving pain. But, this mattress tends to be hotter than other types of mattresses.
  • Latex mattresses are made from natural materials, or known as synthesis materials. These mattresses are generally stronger, but not as soft as other foam mattresses. The price offered tends to be more expensive. This latex type mattress offers extra comfort so it is good for those of you who have back pain.

Perfect size for your bedroom

Your mattress bed size is important to determine what kind of storage you may need, if your mattress is going to take up 40% of your room it may be a good idea to get a bed with storage drawers or space to put items underneath. If the bed is too big, opt for a single mattress bed to have more space around your room. 

The perfect mattress is able to get you a good night’s sleep, so be sure to get the right one for you. If you already have the perfect mattress, make sure that your mattress is dust mite free! You can book our Mattress Cleaning Service now and we will be happy to help you get your bed comfortable after the lockdown!