How Rainy Weather Can Affect Your Paint Exterior

Painting exterior can add value to your home and bring a customised freshness you can enjoy with the neighbourhood. However during the rainy season, there are extreme variations in temperature, and it can damage your wall painting. Here’s how:

Heavy can ruin your wall 

Heavy rain can cause many inconveniences and also negatively impact your home’s exterior paint. Once the continuous rain hits the exterior paint you will begin to notice streaking and unevenness. It is important to apply high-quality painting materials to your wall exterior for extra protection. If you need expert advice, book our painting service and our experts will assist you.

Mould and mildew

When it rains or the air is particularly humid, the exterior surface of your home can become damp and moist, which allows for mould and mildew to grow and latch on. In this situation, your wall painting will be affected by these obvious spores and stains. Mould can not only damage your building exterior but also put your health at risk! Therefore, we recommend booking our experts to inspect and repaint your wall as soon as possible.

Fading wall 

Over time, exterior paint colours will fade due to direct sunlight. This is because both bright and dark colours are susceptible to fading after long term exposure to the sun’s UV (Ultraviolet) rays. Getting yourself a skilled and well-trained professional is essential to avoid any painting problems to your home no matter the weather. If you need help, think Gawin!

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