How house cleaning can improve your health

Do you know, a clean and tidy house can benefit your physical and mental well-being? To convince you to build a habit and routine for house cleaning, we got you covered with 4 points on the relationship between house cleaning and your health.

1.Minimise risk for allergies

By doing regular house cleaning, you will get to wipe out dust and bacteria in your space more often. Dust-mites, germs and bacteria are everywhere in the house especially on mattresses, sofas and carpets. They are potential allergens that could trigger or worsen allergic reactions such as skin sensitivity or asthma. 

2. Get moving!

Sparing time to clean your house regularly as a routine gets you moving. It might not be as physically intensive as a workout routine but it still provides your body with movements with you moving around the house. Simultaneously, you are moving as your house gets tidier and cleaner!

3. Improves mental health 

Cluttered home, cluttered mind. The tidiness and cleanliness of our surroundings can bring a huge impact to our mental health because the external clutter leads to mental clutter. Having a cleaned house can potentially reduce one’s anxiety and depression as the process of achieving a clean house AKA the action of cleaning the living space provides a sense of control over one’s surroundings. By managing the surrounding clutter, you will be able to manage your stress levels too. 

4. Increase productivity

Have you ever procrastinated, started scanning your surroundings and got distracted to start your task? Especially in this pandemic period where many would work remotely from home, transforming their living space into their workspace. A disorganized space reduces one’s productivity as one could get distracted by their surroundings. Hence, a clean and organised space can certainly reduce distraction and boost your productivity. 

Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed by the mess and clutter but taking the action to clean the space and the end result AKA a sparkly clean home can certainly benefit your health. Don’t worry, you can also seek our house cleaning experts who can help you achieve a squeaky clean home! We guarantee your satisfaction or a request for a reservice if unsatisfied with the job done.