How Gross Is Your House?

Designing your dream home and making it come to life is one thing – but maintaining it is another. Keeping your home spick and span and free from the nastiness brought about by dust, bacteria and germs is understandably difficult to do every single day. This leads to your house sometimes being unkempt and unclean – which, when too much, can drive away guests and make you feel less at home. So how do you know if it’s time for some spring cleaning?

When There Are Crumbs (Or Half-Eaten Food) In Your Couch Cushions

woman eating popcorn on sofa

Have you ever plopped down on your couch after a long day, only to find crumbs or leftover food in between your cushions? If you can’t recall how they snuggled their way into your couch, you probably need to do some spring cleaning. These are highly attractive for bugs and rats, which may be what you’ll find next if you keep finding food in places they shouldn’t be.

When You Have Creepy Crawlies As Housemates

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Nobody likes it when they’re sipping a nice cup of coffee or simply walking around the house and the resident cockroach passes by their feet. If you’ve been frequently seeing creepy crawlies, they’re probably not occasional visitors but are residents already who feel at home in your home. Uh oh, time to ring in the pest control guys.

When You Can’t Recall The Last Time You Changed Your Bed Sheets

Bed sheet pillows and blanket messed up in the morning

What a lot of people don’t know is that even if you feel like your bed is as clean as can be, you actually sleep with millions of dustmites every night. If you don’t remember the last time you changed your bed sheets, who knows how many dozens or thousands of bedmites have been multiplying on your bed?

When Your Drainage Can’t Do Its Job

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If your drainage – in your sink, shower, etc. – is draining too slowly, it might mean that there’s too much stuff above it and inside the pipes that are blocking liquids from passing smoothly. This buildup can mean disaster for your home as drainage is meant to keep the dirty liquids out, and not the other way around. Hire a plumber to unclog those pipes. 

When Your Tiles Have Changed Color

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So you remember installing white, sparkly tiles, but now they’re turning gray with molds in the middle of each of them. This means that a lot of dirt and bacteria are now covering your tiles, making people in your home more susceptible to potential sicknesses.

When You Don’t Feel Like Bathing In Your Own Bathroom

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If the place you run to when you need to clean yourself up doesn’t make you feel clean, don’t fret. This is totally normal, and oftentimes happens because the toilet reeks and is due for some thorough cleaning. The tiles in your bathroom might need a little bit of scrubbing too, and old rugs would have to be washed or replaced with new ones.

When You’re Walking On Dust

dusty floor

When you think you’re walking on clouds, but they’re actually clouds of dust. If you walk on your floors barefoot, look at the underside of your feet and if they’re gray, it’s time to clean your floors. The fact that your floor – a bare open space – has been gathering dust can only mean that many corners and surfaces of your home are also gathering dust.

When Looking For Something Feels Like Looking For A Needle In A Haystack

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If you’re rushing to the office but looking for your favorite sweater is taking you more than 10 minutes – and so goes for anything else – it might mean that your house needs some tidying. You wouldn’t want to get stressed every time you have to look for something. 

Thankfully, making your home as good as new doesn’t require home improvement work that’s as heavy as remodeling or installing new furniture. Although that is the case, no doubt, cleaning your home and making sure that things are in their right place is one of the easiest and best home improvement projects you can do. If you need the extra hand, our cleaning and home repair professionals are here to help! Submit a request on Gawin to receive free quotes from service providers today! 

written by Bea Luna