How Eduard Transformed His Window Air Conditioning Business

For Eduardo Asuncion Jr., it was all about humble beginnings and the right timing. Before joining, Eduard worked as a full time utility worker in a government hospital. But because there was only one technician who maintained the building’s air conditioning units, it motivated him to take up a technical course (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) under TESDA. After passing the test, he decided to start his own business to practice what he has learned and of course, gain additional income.

To acquire customers, he resorted to traditional offline promotions. Riding on his bicycle, he would visit nearby subdivisions and residences to distribute leaflets and calling cards made of bond-paper cut outs, which he would drop into their mail boxes.

Fortunately, he came across at the time when there was a high demand for aircon services – the summer season.

“It was summer [2016] when I had my first booked job request – March 31 to be exact,” Eduard recalled.  

Because of the high demand, he had a full schedule – juggling between taking job requests and attending to his full time work. But for Eduard, he did not have to think about giving up either. Instead, he learned to manage his time wisely. He attends to his clients’ needs during his free time and chooses the nearby areas to service.

Eduardo Asuncion Jr window aircon cleaning and repair service provider

Before he knew it, he had more than 50 bookings on However, more impressively, he made all his client visits riding a bicycle. Fortunately, he was able to earn enough to buy a motorcycle – so he’s now been able to expand his reach and save a ton of time.

Eduard admitted that his reasonable price quotations and his clients’ positive feedback are his secrets to attracting more customers. Likewise, he added that coordination with customers pays off as well.

“If you have no idea what needs to be fixed on the air con unit, put a negotiable rate. Better to coordinate with them to know more about the problem,” he advised.

More than the additional income he gains from his business, he loves how sends him potential clients and how the platform lets clients leave feedback and reviews.

Eduardo Asuncion Jr window aircon cleaning and repair service provider

“Ngayon, 80% of my clients are from I have many clients and has helped me grow with reviews and feedback. I am very happy,” he said.

Eduard is excited to meet and work with more clients he meets through the platform. is more than happy to have top service providers come on board to help us deliver the best services in metro manila.