How cool air improves your mood?

Having a cool air not only keeps you cool but did you know it can improve your mood as well? Here are 3 ways you can improve your mood just by switching your aircon on. 

Boost your productivity during work

A cool and comfortable work environment can considerably boost your employee’s productivity. If the office is too hot, it can easily cause your employees to feel fatigued, tired and irritable then make it harder for them to concentrate on their working process.

Experts suggested that 27-29℃ at low humidity is the ideal aircon temperature for working, with this temperature, you’ll find that the overall working performance will be improved. If you need expert help, you can book our Gawin Aircon Installation service to provide you with high-quality service. 

Decrease stress

Sleeping in hot temperatures negatively impacts your sleep quality and triggers your mood. According to WebMD, lack of sleep will impair mental functions and increase your stress. But fret not! With an aircon system, it can boost your sleep environment by making the room ventilated and cooler. It is also recommended to hire our Gawin experts to get your aircon cleaned regularly and ensure your aircon is running smoothly no matter the day. 

Cool place to exercise 

Studies have shown regular exercise could have a profound positive effect on anxiety, depression and more as well as improving your overall mood. But outdoor exercise can increase the possibility of any heat-related illness, especially during this severe weather. Air conditioners can help by providing a cool and comfortable exercise space for you so you will keep motivated and pumped. 

Be sure you hire our experts to examine and clean your aircon system to avoid its filters being clogged so you can exercise in a safe environment. 

Air conditioning systems can significantly improve indoor air quality and your mood. If you need help with aircon servicing, book our Gawin aircon service now and our experts will come to you to ensure your aircon works properly. Book now and you’ll be entitled a reservice if the service is below expectations.