How Aircon Cleaning Can Save You Money

Do you remember the last time you got your aircon cleaned? If you didn’t already know, running a dirty aircon is not only damaging your health but also your wallet. Want to know how? Here are a few ways aircon cleaning can save you money.


1. Uses less energy 




Is your electric bill skyrocketing and you’re not sure why? It’s mostly due to the fact that we’ve been staying home more because of this pandemic and using the aircon more at home. However, if your aircon was cleaned it wouldn’t have used as much energy as a dirty unit.

The dirty filter in the aircond unit restricts airflow which is the reason it takes longer to cool your home down. This uses more electrical energy and can easily rack up the number on your electric bill. Why not save paying an expensive bill and instead hire our professionals to clean your aircon, flat-rate across any horsepower.


2. Require less repair




When you get your aircon unit regularly cleaned, it gets rid of the dirt and dust in your aircon unit which can cause problems in the long run. Excessive dirt and dust can affect the efficiency and even lead your aircon to a standstill.

When problems begin to arise, you will end up paying for constant repair works that are significantly more costly than regularly getting your aircon unit cleaned


3. No need to replace anytime soon




Worst-case scenario if your aircon unit is damaged beyond repair you will have no choice but to get a new one to replace it. A new aircon unit will cost some money but at least now you’ve learnt your lesson to not repeat your mistakes.

Instead of wasting your money on things you can avoid paying for, spend your money wisely on things that can save you that money which in this case is our aircon chemical cleaning service. Hire our professionals and enjoy the cool air of a well-running aircon unit.

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