Home improvement mistakes that can get you on Santa’s naughty list!

Ever came across a YouTube home interior video or a home improvement catalog and have a sudden desire to own your very own dream space? Planning and executing a home improvement project takes a lot of coordination with different parties and it could be a bumpy journey with countless unexpected circumstances. Whether you have gotten yourself a new space or you’re wishing to freshen up your current space, we have gathered 3 common home improvement mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

  1. Not considering future needs

bedroom improvement

Be it a temporary 2-year stay or a forever home, you should always consider your current lifestyle along with anticipating your future lifestyle. For instance, if you’re a newlywed couple who’s planning to start a family soon, you should think ahead and create a space that can accommodate this long-term lifestyle change and the child’s life stages too! 

  1. Setting an unrealistic budget

budget planning

A budget for any project can help keep track of the cost and manage your expectations. Allocating a budget for a project does not mean cutting cost but understanding the true pricing of materials, labor, furniture or appliances needed that can match your space and desired outcome. Home interior reality programs often don’t depict the real cost but the general amount. Additionally, the cost highly depends on one’s locality and accessibility. Thus, it is crucial to have a contractor who can aid in researching, comparing and crafting a budget that is realistic for your expectations. 

  1. Not knowing who you’re hiring


While word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family might help you in connecting with a designer or contractor for your home project, you should find someone that would provide constructive and realistic opinions, someone who is able to fully understand your needs. It is also important to conduct a background check on their essential documents such as license, certifications and portfolios to ensure you’re dealing with a professional that has the capability to help you out. 

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